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Nicole Richie speaks to Marie Claire: “I’ve never opened the doors to my own life”

Nicole Richie was recently interviewed by Marie Claire, which means we’ve been gifted with a fantastic new photoshoot taken by Nicole Nodland! Talking with Allie Jones, Nicole opened up about her passion for environmentalism and shedding her reality TV image.

Though she is perhaps most recognizable for that legendary five-season run in the mid-aughts, Richie does not consider herself a reality star.

“I’ve never done traditional reality,” she says, taking a sip of Trader Joe’s decaffeinated green tea from the reusable mug she brought with her to the rink. “Even Simple Life, it was a 28-day or 30-day trip. And it was me leaving L.A. and living in someone else’s life. I’ve never opened the doors to my own [life].”

And she never would. “No, no,” she says emphatically when I ask.

Click here to read the full interview.

(Note from Marie Claire: This article originally appears in the Summer 2020 issue of Marie Claire. The interview was conducted before COVID-19 had been declared a pandemic.)

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Vogue: 13 Books Nicole Richie Is Reading While Isolating

Nicole Richie recently spoke to Vogue Magazine about the books she is reading while in isolating during the coronavirus pandemic. She even provided a photograph of herself in front of her amazing bookshelf, taken by none other than Joel Madden.

Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts
“This is my favorite book of all time. It’s 900 pages, so it’s definitely a deep dive, but it will sweep you away immediately. It’s written by a convicted criminal who escaped to India, and the novel is believed to be somewhat autobiographical. I first read it three summers ago and I’ve continued to read it over the years; I just dip in occasionally.”

The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah
“I had no desire to go to Alaska before reading this book, and now I want to go as soon as possible. I read this right before the crisis really unfolded and in a strange way it was very appropriate. In Alaska they speak all summer about how winter is coming, and how they need to stock up and freeze their fish. The book presents the idea of Alaska as this dangerous place where the weak will not survive, but also the most magical and beautiful place to experience nature.”

Still Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins
“Tom Robbins is a fun, wild animal, and I really like his writing. Emma Roberts recommended this book to me, and I picked it up, and it was just a pure delight. I have a shelf of my night table that is devoted to books that I find inspirations—it’s mostly poetry and essays, but I have this book there also. There are some real underline-worthy lines in there.”

Click here to read the full article and click here to see Nicole’s updated reading list!

Nicole Richie plays song association with ELLE

Nicole Richie sings Destiny’s Child, Mya and more in a #StayHome Edition of Song Association with ELLE.

Interview Mag also challenged Nicole, or her Nikki Fre$h alter ego rather, to rap a verse about bees, Amazon Prime and Jane Fonda. Here’s the result:

Nicole Richie’s Quibi series ‘Nikki Fre$h’ is now available

Nicole Richie‘s new series ‘Nikki Fre$h’ is now out on Quibi. The first 3 episodes are currently available to watch, with the remaining 3 going up weekly. Joel and Benji Madden make an appearance in the first episode as Nicole pitches her “trap album.” Quibi offers the first 90 days for free and then plans start at $4.99.

It also appears that some or all songs from Nicole’s ‘Nikki Fre$h’ comedy album will appear on various music screaming websites soon.