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Nicole Richie appears on TODAY’S Hoda & Jenna Show

On Wednesday 14th September, Nicole Richie appeared on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna during New York Fashion Week to talk about season three of ‘Making the Cut’ — but the ladies also got caught up talking about Nicole’s chickens, including why she raises them and why her chickens are her easiest pets. Jason Alexander also plays an hilarious game of “Charading Places” with her! During the interview, Nicole also announced the passing of her lizard, Speedy, and her German Shepherd, Hero.

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Nicole Richie talks to WWD about S3 finale of Making the Cut

This summer, Nicole Richie returned to Prime Video’s competition show ‘Making the Cut, where she joined fashion designer Jeremy Scott and executive producers Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn as they search for the industry’s next big fashion designer. Nicole spoke to WWD About the finale and her judging process.

“As far as for me as a judge, I don’t know if there are many challenges,” Richie said about the season. “I think we just have to look at everything and try to get to know the designers and really understand where they are coming from and what their eye is. Sometimes, we have to spend some time with them and talk to them to really understand where they are coming from when they show their current designs.”

This season also incorporated several topical challenges, like one creating festival-inspired clothing and another that incorporated creating a TikTok to show the vision behind the designers’ creations.

Richie stated her favorite week was the TikTok challenge because the platform isn’t something she’s very familiar with.

“I found it really interesting and funny because there were truly some videos that I didn’t get at all,” she explained. “I think [musicians] Chloe and Halle were our guest judges that week who, obviously, they’re young and that’s probably their world. It was really interesting to see there were things that I didn’t get at all and they were like, ‘Oh, that video is so amazing.’ I find those moments so eye opening because you get to understand from another perspective what people are gravitating toward.”

Read the full interview here.

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Nicole Richie talks to Architectural Digest about new HOH 1960 x Etsy Collab

Nicole Richie spoke to Architectural Digest about new House of Harlow 1960 x Etsy Collab.

Architectural Digest: What inspired this new holiday collection with Etsy?
Nicole Richie: I wanted to take cues from a 1970s, luxe rock-and-roll feel, working with jewel tones and patchwork textiles. I would say House of Harlow as a whole is a ’60s and ’70s vintage-inspired brand. We really brought that into this collaboration, mixing in marble and crystal accents and all the best parts of House of Harlow.

It isn’t your typical holiday collection.
My focus really went into gifting, and I thought about myself and the gifts that I love to get. I always just go to Etsy as a whole to get my loved ones gifts because you get that personal feel. Someone picked something for you, and it was made by a human.

If you are a guest at a holiday party, what is your go-to host gift?
I think the wine stoppers would be a great last-minute gift, because if you’re going to a holiday party, everyone has wine. They can use it right away, which is very sweet. We also did some really sweet trays. Trays—it’s not an exciting word, but I love giving trays to people, and I love receiving trays. If you saw my bathroom counter, it’s just full of all these different trays that I’ve collected over the years. I put my jewelry in them and pens and sunglasses and just all the stuff. I think it really helps kind of keep a handle on just all the stuff flying all over the place.

When it comes to holiday decor at your own home, have you started thinking about it yet? Do you have a theme in mind?
I go very classic. I do reds and deep burgundies, greens, and lots of greenery. I normally do the same thing every year. I have a system down, I have boxes and each room has its own box. I’ve got it all down to a science being the Virgo that I am, but I moved this year. I have had to kind of rethink, which is very exciting. I now have a whole new space to decorate. I decorate my house, and then I also decorate my chicken coop. They have a new coop, obviously, that I had to build when I moved.

Does the decor on the chicken coop match the house, or to they have their own style?
It matches kind of. We have different wreaths. I think that’s just more personal tastes. They’re just not on my level as far as what they like, but I give them what they want. It’s a little brighter over there. That’s where I use the bright reds, as opposed to the burgundies, which are more in my house.

Do you have any advice for people who want to change up their own holiday decor and incorporate your vintage-inspired style?
No matter how old you are, start collecting things that you connect to. Collecting holiday decor is really nice because, even if you put it away all year, you can come back to it. For me, when I’m decorating my house, I want what I’m putting in my house to tell a story.

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Nicole Richie releases House of Harlow 1960 x Etsy Christmas Creator Collab

Nicole Richie has debuted her second House of Harlow 1960 collaboration with Etsy creators, which focuses on the holidays and gift giving. Check out the Etsy editorial here.

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