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Nicole Richie appears in Paris in Love

Nicole Richie appeared in Paris Hilton’s series ‘Paris in Love,‘ which follows Paris and now-husband Carter Reum plan their wedding. Nicole appears in the last episode which shows the pair at the wedding. You can watch the clip of Nicole and Paris interact below, which Paris has kindly posted onto her Instagram:

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Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton reunite at Paris’ wedding (November 11)

Nicole Richie was reunited with her old BFF Paris Hilton on November 11th when Nicole attended Paris’ wedding to Carter Reum. Nicole was also photographed there with Emma Roberts, Rachel Zoe, Kim Kardashian, and Carlos Lopez.

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Nicole Richie honours stylist best friend at the Fashion Los Angeles Awards (April 8)

On April 8th, Nicole Richie honoured her best friend and stylist Jamie Mizhrai at the 4th Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards. They were hosted by The Daily Front Row and were held at the Beverly Hills Hotel in California.

Nicole was also photographed with Paris Hilton, who posted photos of the pair on her Twitter account. Paris said “no one could make me laugh like [Nicole does]”. She even made a poll asking if they should do a ‘The Simple Life’ reunion.

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Rest in Peace Tinkerbell

Paris Hilton’s dog of 14 years, Tinkerbell, recently passed away from old age. Tinkerbell was featured greatly in The Simple Life starring alongside Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Paris shared this photo of herself with Nicole when they were younger, dressed as Tinkerbells.

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