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Last updated: Nov 11, 2023

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Date Source Title
Feb 19 Marie Claire Greece Nicole Richie: “Forty is an important age, a milestone”
Jan 31 Strange Customs with Sasha Sagan Strange Customs with Sasha Sagan


Date Source Title
Oct 3 The Drew Barrymore Show Nicole Richie’s Hair Caught Fire on Her Birthday
Oct 3 The Drew Barrymore Show Nicole Richie and Drew Barrymore: What to Wear on All 50 First Dates
Sep 18 Hello Sunshine Questions about Self Care
Sep 14 TODAY with Hoda & Jenna Nicole Richie Talks ‘Making The Cut,’ Raising Chickens At Home
Sep 9 WWD Nicole Richie Talks ‘Making the Cut’ Season Three Finale


Date Source Title
Oct 18 Architectural Digest How Nicole Richie Brings Her Signature Vintage Flair to the Holiday Season
Sep 21 Nylon Nicole Richie on NYFW, House of Harlow’s New Collection, & Y2K Fashion
Sep 6 Bustle Nicole Richie Apologizes For This 2000s Fashion Trend
Feb 9 Glamour Mag Nicole Richie Swears By This ‘Showstopping’ Concealer for Covering Dark Circles
Feb 18 SELF My Bedtime Routine: Nicole Richie on the Sleep She Didn’t Get in Her 20s


Date Source Title
Feb 06 The Zoe Report Nicole Richie Will Sage Your Jewelry For You
Mar 11 Vogue Nicole Richie’s Perfect Night In Involves Talking To Her Chickens, Cuddling Her Crystals And Watching Vintage Erotic Movies
Mar 27 Style Caster Nicole Richie & Joseph Altuzarra Love Naomi Campbell’s ‘One-Liners’ as Much as You
Mar 28 Daily Mail! Nicole Richie admits the coronavirus lockdown has made her more relaxed about her kids using devices: ‘They’ve become kind of a lifeline’
Apr 02 People Nicole Richie Raps About Bees and Plants as Her ‘Trap Queen’ Alter Ego in Nikki Fre$h Trailer
Apr 06 Billboard Nicole Richie on Becoming Nikki Fresh and The Importance of Conscious Trap
Apr 08 EW! How trap icon Nicole Richie gave veggies the horny club-banging moment they deserve
Apr 13 i-D Vice Nicole Richie is the world’s greatest satirist
Apr 23 Marie claire Nicole Richie and Joseph Altuzarra share their lockdown fashion tips
Apr 24 Vogue 13 Books Nicole Richie Is Reading While Isolating
May 13 E! Online Watch Nicole Richie’s Bearded Dragon Make His Late Night Debut in Interview With Seth Meyers
May 15 Marie Claire Nicole Richie Is Here to Save the Bees—One Rap Song at a Time
Jun 29 Variety Nicole Richie Comedy ‘Nikki Fre$h’ Renewed for Season 2 at Quibi (EXCLUSIVE)
Jul 05 Yahoo! News ‘There’s no secret to marriage’: Nicole Richie dishes on romance with Joel Madden
Jul 10 Variety In ‘Nikki Fre$h’ Nicole Richie Gets Laughs With a New Kind of Roots Music
Jul 17 Goldderby Nicole Richie’s ‘Nikki Fre$h’ on Quibi deserves an Emmy for being hilarious
Sep 27 Vogue Today, In Surprising Celebrity Friendships: Adele And Nicole Richie
Oct 06 Vulture Nicole Richie Is Parodying Her Life While Living It
Oct 16 Today Cameron Diaz had a sweet reaction to fans discovering she’s Nicole Richie’s sister-in-law
Nov 11 Paper Mag After Surviving 2005, Nicole Richie Is Saving the Bees
Nov 17 InStyle Nicole Richie Saved the Bees (from Her Dad’s Side Eye)


Date Source Title
Jan 08 Yahoo! Lifestyle The fashion rule Nicole Richie always breaks
Jan 09 Metro Grace and Frankie season 5 trailer confirms RuPaul and Nicole Richie will guest star
Mar 05 Glamour Mag ‘There’s no reason to be ashamed’: Nicole Richie on ‘forgiving and sending love’ to her past self
Mar 21 Variety Nicole Richie Joins Fox Comedy Pilot ‘Richard Lovely’
May 17 NY Mag What Nicole Richie Can’t Live Without
Aug 29 Travel and Leisure Nicole Richie’s In-depth Airplane Cleaning Routine Is Ridiculous and Brilliant
Sep 11 People Nicole Richie Opens Up About Motherhood and Back-to-School Season (Hint: She’s a Total PTA Mom!)
Nov 12 Deadline Nicole Richie To Star In ‘Nikki Fre$h,’ Quibi Comedy Series About Her Rapper Alter Ego
Dec 02 E! Online Nicole Richie’s Holiday Gift Guide 2019
Dec 09 Who What Wear How Style Icon Nicole Richie Manifested Her Career on Her Own Terms
Dec 10 Deadline ‘Bless This Mess’: Nicole Richie To Recur On ABC Series


Feb 05 People Nicole Richie on Fashion, Makeup and Finding Her True Self: ‘I Feel 100% In My Own Skin’
Feb 07 NikkieTutorials YouTube Doing Nicole Richie’s Makeup?!
Feb 08 People Nicole Richie Says Daughter Harlow ‘Loves’ Makeup: ‘She’s a Different Beast Than Me’
Feb 20 Jackie Aina YouTube Q&A With Nicole Richie!
Feb 22 ET Online Nicole Richie to Guest Star on ‘Grace and Frankie’ (Exclusive)
Apr 17 Cosmopolitan 15 Beauty Products That Nicole Richie Actually Uses
Apr 16 Paper Magazine Nicole Richie: Life In Style
Apr 25 ELLE 6 Beauty Secrets I Learned From Nicole Richie
May 23 Paper Magazine Nicole Richie Walks Us Through Her Most Iconic Outfits
Jun 01 Hollywood Reporter Nicole Richie on Her “Britney Moment” in ‘Great News’
Jun 18 Well and Good Emma Roberts gave 3 summer-reading recs to Nicole Richie – and you can steal ’em!
Jun 26 Fast Company How Nicole Richie keeps her company’s DNA intact as it’s pivoting
Jun 27 Forbes How Nicole Richie Evolved From Reality TV Star To Fashion Designer
Aug 27 Harper’s Bazaar Arabia Watch: Nicole Richie Kill Off This Iconic Beauty Classic
Aug 28 E! Online Why Nicole Richie Is Over Denim and What She’s Wearing Instead
Oct 05 InStyle Nicole Richie Thinks Diapers Should be Free
Oct 31 WWD Nicole Richie to Debut Honey Minx on NowWith Network by Yahoo Lifestyle
Nov 09 Yahoo! Lifestyle ‘Keeping your DNA’: Nicole Richie’s advice for creating your dream career
Nov 20 Yahoo! Lifestyle ‘They will save your life’: Nicole Richie’s vibrant style weapon makes the greatest holiday gift


Jan 19, 2017 People Nicole Richie and Her Model Sister Sofia Don’t Compete for Clothes: We ‘Have Completely Different Styles’
Feb 20, 2017 Footwear News Nicole Richie Shares Her Creative Process & What Keeps Her Happy In Hollywood
Apr 06, 2017 InStyle Nicole Richie on Her Skin Secrets and the Concealer She Swears By
Apr 09, 2017 Parade Nicole Richie On Great News and What She Learned From Her Famous Dad
Apr 14, 2017 Bustle In The Bustle Booth With Nicole Richie
Apr 19, 2017 Refinery29 Nicole Richie Gloriously Reinvests Herself (Again)
Apr 26, 2017 Architectural Digest Nicole Richie Styled Her Chicken Coop to Match Her House
May 01, 2017 USA Today Nicole Richie: ‘I don’t consider myself a Millennial’
May 05, 2017 Variety Remote Controlled: Breaking Down ‘Great News’ With Tina Fey, Tracey Wigfield and Nicole Richie
Sep 19, 2017 Coveteur Nicole Richie Fully Supports Wearing A Fanny Pack
Sep 20, 2017 People Nicole Richie Says Her 9-Year-Old Daughter Is ‘Finding Joy’ in Experimenting with Style and Makeup
Sep 25, 2017 Galore Mag Yes, Nicole Richie Tested to See If Urban Decay’s New Mascara Really Is “Sex-Proof”
Sep 26, 2017 Glamour Mag Nicole Richie Plays 20-ish Beauty Questions With Us
Nov 21, 2017 Byrdie 6 Beauty Lessons I Learned From Nicole Richie
Nov 28, 2017 You Magazine ‘I tell my chidlren, “Mummy got grounded a lot”‘: Why Nicole Richie is tapping into her trouble-making past
Nov 30, 2017 The Edit Cover Story
Dec 07, 2017 Vice Nicole Richie Is Thriving
Dec 12, 2017 US Weekly Nicole Richie Reveals the Toys Her Kids Want for Christmas
Dec 13, 2017 Hello Giggles Nicole Richie tells us her beauty resolution for 2018 and the products on her holiday wish list


Jan 07, 2016 WWD Lionel Richie Launches Home Collection With Dinner in Beverly Hills
Jan 15, 2016 hashtag legend Family Ties: Lionel and Nicole Offer Glimpse Into the Richie Household
Feb 15, 2016 WWD Nicole Richie Taps Kenya Kinski-Jones for House of Harlow 1960
Mar 07, 2016 People We’ve Got an Exclusive Sneak Peek at Nicole Richie’s Stylish Look for RuPaul’s Drag Race
Mar 09, 2016 LA Racked Nicole Richie’s Favorite Karaoke Rap Song and the $8 Lip Balm She Swears By
Mar 18, 2016 Fashion Week Daily FLA Chic Emcee: Nicole Richie
Mar 21, 2016 People Nicole Richie Is Always Sartorially Prepared for ‘Bills Bills Bills’ to Come On
Jun 01, 2016 Huffington Post How A Prince Concert Led Lionel Richie To Adopt Nicole
Jun 03, 2016 Pret-A-Porter Nicole Richie’s Summre Plans Include ‘Downtown Abbey’ and Au-Naturel Hair
Jul 05, 2016 The Chalkboard Mag July 2016: Meet Our July Guest Editor: Living Well in LA with Nicole Richie
Jul 10, 2016 The Outfit Nicole Richie Reveals Her Top Summer Style Tips!
Jul 11, 2016 The Chalkboard Mag Carry-On Confidential: Nicole Richie On Fave Travels + Summer Accessories
Jul 15, 2016 LA Racked Three Reasons Why Nicole Richie Is Every Fashion Girl’s Dream BFF
Jul 15, 2016 People Style Nicole Richie Is All of Us – Loves a Bodysuit, Jeans and Slip-Ons for Summer
Jul 18, 2016 The Chalkboard Mag Nicole Richie on Meditation, Rap Mantras + Other Morning Matters
Jul 20, 2016 Harper’s Bazaar Nicole Richie’s Latest Move in the Fashion Game
Aug 04, 2016 Celebrity Babies/People Why Nicole Richie Refuses to Judge Other Moms: ‘There’s No One Right Way to Be a Mother’
Sep 02, 2016 People Nicole Richie Has Solved Your Short-Girl Dressing Problems
Sep 08, 2016 Create & Cultivate Why Nicole Richie Would Make the Best BFF
Sep 15, 2016 LA Times Nicole Richie expands her House of Harlow 1960 label with a ready-to-wear women’s collection for Revolve
Sep 27, 2016 Fortune Nicole Richie: Let Your Daughter See You Fail
Oct 09, 2016 LA Ligne Nicole Richie
Oct 28, 2016 Refinery29 How Nicole Richie Is Going To Take Over The World
Nov 01, 2016 AOL OnlyOnAOL: Why Nicole Richie strives to be ‘open and vulnerable’
Nov 15, 2016 Le Tote Nicole Richie’s top style secrets


Jan 2015 Glamour Nicole Richie’s Personal Style Dos & Don’t’s: “You Have to Have a Sense of Humor”
Jan 29, 2015 Gulf News Nicole Richie talks fashion mishaps in Dubai
Jan 29, 2015 The National Nicole Richie debuts her label House of Harlow 1960 in the UAE
Jan 29, 2015 Buro 24/7 Buro 24/7 Interview: 10 minutes with Nicole Richie
Feb 02, 2015 ShereenMitwalli.com Shereen Mitwalli Interviews Nicole Richie Live in Dubai
Feb 11, 2015 ET! Online Nicole Richie Spills on the Return of ‘#Candidly Nicole,’ Sharing Her Dad’s Sense of Humor & More!
Feb 12, 2015 Harper’s Bazaar Eric Buterbaugh: King of Roses
Feb 12, 2015 Examiner Interview: Nicole Richie previews new episodes of ‘Candidly Nicole’
Feb 22, 2015 Daily Telegraph Nicole Richie and the Golden Slipper
Feb 23, 2015 Elle Australia Nicole Richie named as international ambassador for the Golden Slipper Carnival
Feb 24, 2015 Vogue Australia Nicole Richie on racing dress codes and Australian fashion
Feb 24, 2015 Accessories Magazine 10 Minutes With…Nicole Richie
Mar 15, 2015 Daily Telegraph Nicole Richie talks about the Golden Slipper, being a mum and life as Mrs Madden
Mar 17, 2015 Vogue Australia Nicole Richie’s tips on buying vintage
Mar 19, 2015 InStyle Australia #Candidly Talking With Nicole Richie
Mar 19, 2015 Sydney Social 101 Interview 101** Tooheys New Golden Slipper Day Ambassador: Nicole Richie
Mar 20, 2015 Daily Telegraph Nicole Richie has a long list of no go questions and some interesting views on short skirts
Mar 21, 2015 SMH Kate Waterhouse talks to Nicole Richie about the races, inspiration and no shoes
Mar 23, 2015 SMH How Nicole Richie made frenemy Kim Kardashian look low maintenance
Jun 2015 Into the Gloss Nicole Richie’s Daily Beauty Routine
Jun 18, 2015 People Style Watch Nicole Richie: I’d Rather Have Fun With Clothes Now and Be Embarrassed Later
Jun 22, 2015 TheSkimm.com Nicole Richie Gets #UpWithTheSkim
Jun 24, 2015 Women Wear Daily Nicole Richie’s Second Time Around
Jun 29, 2015 Who What Wear The 1 Fashion Item Nicole Richie Just Really Hates
Jul 01, 2015 Refinery29 What Nicole Richie REALLY Thinks About Her ’00s Looks
Jul 01, 2015 Hollywood Reporter Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow 1960 Pop-Up Shop is a Bohemian Daydream
Jul 01, 2015 People Style Watch Nicole Richie Is Going to Curate Your Life (Spoiler: It’s Going to Smell Amazing)
Jul 02, 2015 Teen Vogue Nicole Richie Wants to Come To Your House
Jul 17, 2015 BuzzFeed 9 Reasons Why Shopping Is Actually The Worst
Jul 20, 2015 E! Online Nicole Richie Opens Up About More Kids, Talks The Simple Life Reunion
Jul 23, 2015 Variety Nicole Richie Gets Candid About Her VH1 Series
Jul 23, 2015 E! Online Nicole Richie Reveals Her Favorite Things in 60 Seconds
Jul 23, 2015 US Magazine Nicole Richie: What’s In My Bag?
Aug 28, 2015 Parade Nicole Richie: Mother, Reality TV Star, Designer and….Farmer?
Aug 31, 2015 E! Online Nicole Richie Dishes on Her Easy Summer Hairdo, Fall Fashion Faves & More: “You Always Want to Feel Like You”
Sep 03, 2015 Warner Brothers WB Q&A – Nicole Richie
Sep 16, 2015 Vanity Fair Nicole Richie Wanted Candidly Nicole Season 2 to End in a Mental Institution
Sep 17, 2015 Ladygunn Nicole Richie
Sep 2015 FarFetch Meet Nicole Richie
Sep 29, 2015 WWD House of Harlow to Test Retail at Village at Westfield Topanga
Oct 09, 2015 LA Racked Nicole Richie Wisdom: The Five Best Quotes From Rachel Zoe’s Talk Show, Episode Three
Oct 12, 2015 US Magazine Nicole Richie, Alton Brown, and Others Share Their Favorite Fall Foods: Get the Recipes!
Oct 2015 Oprah/OWN Why Nicole Richie Wants You at Her All-Day Inspiration Conference for Women
Oct 2015 E! Online Nicole Richie Reveals Family’s Halloween Plans
Oct 28, 2015 Hello Giggles Desperately seeking Nicole
Oct 28, 2015 Ryan Seacrest Nicole Richie to Inspire and Empower Women With Pearl xChange Event
Nov 18, 2015 WWD Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow 1960 Launches Tech Accessories
Nov 20, 2015 Cosmo Nicole Richie on Women’s Empowerment, Keeping Her Kids Out of the Spotlight, and The Simple Life
Dec 2015 Vogue Nicole Richie, Haim, and the Fosters Come Out for The Line in Los Angeles


Unk, 2014 Harper’s Bazaar Nicole Richie Talks Style, Fall Trends and Fashion Regrets
Feb 11, 2014 Where LA Celebrity Interview: Nicole Richie
Feb 24, 2014 Philly Style Magazine Nicole Richie’s Not-So-Simple Life
Mar 2014 The Stone Set Nicole Richie
Mar 24, 2014 Elle Joe Zee and Nicole Richie, Unfiltered
Apr 2014 Paper Magazine Nicole Richie’s Success Keeps Sprouting
Apr 2014 The Coveteur Nicole Richie
Apr 11, 2014 Nordstrom House of Harlow 1960: Nicole Richie’s Sweet Melody
Apr 30, 2014 New York Times Nicole Richie: Candid About Pushing Boundaries
May 08, 2014 The Hive Mag Momspiration, Mother’s Day Edition: Nicole Richie
Jun 22, 2014 People Find Out Nicole Richie’s Reptile Obsession
Jul 15, 2015 Celebuzz EXCLUSIVE: Nicole Richie Dishes on her Top 5 Beauty Must-Haves
Jul 17, 2014 BuzzFeed 46 Random Things And What Nicole Richie Thinks About Them
Jul 17, 2014 Reddit I’m Nicole Richie, AMA
Sep 12, 2014 CBS News Nicole Richie on fall staples, style and new QVC line
Sep 16, 2014 Lucky Shops Nicole Richie On Her ‘Boobalicious Blue’ Hair, Birthday Piercings And The Last Thing She Bought Online
Oct 17, 2014 Who What Wear Exclusive: An Inside Look at Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow Campaign
Oct 28, 2014 Variety Hollywood’s New Leaders: Creative
Nov 13, 2014 Yahoo! Nicole Richie Talks Bright Hair, Being a Fashion Designer, and Raising Chickens (Really!)
Nov 20, 2014 BuzzFeed The Secret To Nicole Richie’s Success
Nov 20, 2014 Gilt Burning Love: Nicole Richie On Her Candle Obsession (And New Home Fragrance Line)
Nov 27, 2014 InStyle Celebrity Holiday Shopping Strategy: Nicole Richie
Dec 22, 2014 Life and Times Nicole Richie Speaks On The Growth of House Of Harlow 1960


Feb 04, 2013 Glamour Five Minutes With Nicole Richie
Feb 10, 2013 Factio Magazine Interview with Nicole Richie
Feb 22, 2013 Marie Claire Exclusive: Nicole Richie Talks Fashion, Beauty, and Fashion Star
Feb 28, 2013 Just Jared Nicole Richie: ‘Fashion Star’ Junket Interview
Jun 03, 2013 Telegraph Nicole Richie interview: from Ballerina Girl to Fashion Star
Jun 2013 Vogue Photo Diaries: Getting Ready for the CFDA Awards: Nicole Richie, Teresa Palmer, and Cody Horn
Aug 21, 2013 Who What Wear 10 Questions With Nicole Richie: Date Outfits, Beauty Tips & More
Aug 26, 2013 My Domaine Girls Night Out: Nicole Richie’s Guide to Entertaining Alfresco
Nov 05, 2013 Vogue Shopping with Nicole Richie: A Lesson in SoCal Vintage Style
Sep 13, 2013 Elle Nicole Richie On Her New House of Harlow 1960 Campaign


Feb 27, 2012 People Nicole Richie: Harlow Doesn’t Know About Her Namesake Lines
Mar 01, 2012 Ocean Drive The House That Nicole Richie Built
Mar 27, 2012 LA Times Chatting with Nicole Richie, the ‘Fashion Star’ wild card
Mar 28, 2012 Real Style Network Interview: Nicole Richie On Being A Fashion Star Mentor
Apr 05, 2012 People Style Watch Nicole Richie: I Don’t Feel Competitive with Other Celebrity Designers
May 10, 2012 Harper’s Bazaar Q&A: Nicole Richie Showcases Winter Kate on NBC
May 2012 Couture Caddy Interview With Nicole Richie As She Launches House Of Harlow At David Jones
Jul 11, 2012 Telegraph Nicole Richie: I wouldn’t try and change my husband’s style for the world
Aug 06, 2012 Belfast Telegraph Nicole Richie: I rock at rapping
Aug 17, 2012 Elle Exclusive: Nicole Richie On Her Chic New Affordable Line For Macy’s
Aug 30, 2012 Elle Exclusive: Nicole Richie On Her New QVC Line
Sep 2012 DuJour Nicole Richie Soldiers On


May 13, 2011 Refinery29 Nicole Richie Says She Tries Not To Focus On Her “Style Icon” Status


Feb 01, 2010 Marie Claire Nicole Richie interview
Aug 11, 2010 Telegraph Nicole Richie interview: ‘I haven’t changed’
Nov 23, 2010 Women Wear Daily Nicole Richie: Fashion, Family and More
Unk 2010 Interview Magazine Nicole Richie Grows Up


Mar 09, 2009 PopSugar Nicole Richie Shows Us Her House of Harlow
Mar 23, 2009 Black Book Nicole Richie: Glam Punk


Feb 28, 2008 People / PopSugar Nicole Richie on How Baby Changed Her Life
Feb 28, 2008 PopSugar Harlow Is So Cute! Nicole and Joel Seem To Think So Too


Aug 2007 Nylon “I don’t have a clue why I’m famous either”


Jun 2006 Vanity Fair Nicole Weighs In


Nov 15, 2005 New York Times Nicole Richie, Famous for Her Fame, and Now for a Book