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Joel interrupts Nicole during Real Housewives

The Belfast Telegraph posted a small article, mainly regarding Nicole’s rapping skills, and I thought I’d share this quote with you because I found it funny. If you’re interesting, you can read the full article here.

“You know, Joel barely speaks all day, and then out of nowhere he has nine million things to say, only for 30 minutes, from 9pm to 9.30pm, when I’m watching Real Housewives,” she quipped.


Nicole Richie teams up with Macy’s

Nicole is adding to her fashion prowess by designing a capsule collection for Macys Impulse. The collection will include 24-30 pieces and will be available in store and online this September.

“This collection has a strong mix of masculine and feminine: printed chiffon mixed with faux leathers,” Richie told WWD.

Additionally the collection will also include bold jewel tones and other favoirite aesthics that Richie uses in her existing collections for House of Harlow 1960 and Winter Kate. Richie fans can also experience another side of Nicole with her debut fragrance, Nicole by Nicole Richie, which also launches in September.

Check out the images in the gallery for a better look: