Happy Halloween! Your Nicole Richie Halloween costumes

Happy Halloween! Here are some of your Nicole Richie Halloween costumes that I’ve collected from Instagram. All of them are from ‘The Simple Life’ apart from one which takes a twist on Nicole from the purple hair/’Candidly Nicole’ era. Please email me (contact@iheartnicole.us) if you would like any of these removed.

#Halloween #queens

A photo posted by Christian Lewis (@kreesjun) on

Where the hell are we!? #thesimplelife #2004

A photo posted by jlitt (@jlitt) on

Nicole Wichie ?? #costumecontest #sapient #nicolerichie #halloween

A photo posted by Ashlee Wood (@ashlee.wood) on

"It's 2004 shit happens" #parisandnicole #thesimplelife #SANASAAAAA

A photo posted by Philippa Parnevik (@philippaparnevik) on

Paris & Nicole take Chicoween #wentBrunette #simplelife #thatshot

A photo posted by ?ⓢⓐⓓⓘⓔ? (@_sadiefoster_) on

I'm gonna tell people i yodel to seem more organic #wesmile

A photo posted by Gabby Greig (@50shadesofgreig) on

?? "1/2 price anal salty wiener bugers" ?

A photo posted by Colleen Mclean (@colleenmclean) on

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