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Sophia Rossi interviews Nicole Richie for Hello Giggles

Written by admin on October 29 2015

In an interview with her BFF Sophia Rossi, Nicole Richie discussed the Pearl xChange event which is fast approaching (November 8th) and described more about what we can expect and why this event is important for women.

Desperately seeking Nicole

Pearl xChange is a place where like-minded women can find “inspiration, empowerment, and a supportive space for growth and positivity.” This, according to producer and Pearl xChange co-founder Ramey Warren, is their priority. Nicole and Ramey met through work, started sharing (I told you Nicole loves to share), and came up with the idea of a full-day of live speakers. Ranging from actress and GOOP guru, Gwyneth Paltrow, to author and spiritual guru, Marianne Williamson, each woman was hand-selected by Nicole.

In a call between besties, that kept being referred to as a “phoner” (which made us both uncomfortable by the way), I make — ask—Nicole to tell me everything.

On starting this journey:

Sophia Rossi: OK, tell me about Pearl. Tell me everything about it! How did the name happen? What was the impetus?

Nicole Richie: The Pearl xChange is a live event for women who inspire personal growth. When my partner, Ramey, and I came up with the idea originally, it was meant for women in their 30s, who are in the process of building their lives. Women who are trying to understand the world around them. But after we got started on it, I’ve had 20-year-old women, and 60-year-old women alike tell me they want to come. Really what this event is, is six speakers who are huge inspirations to me, people that I learn from and that I’m friends with. Some of my greatest teachers. We’ll be talking about everything from building your business to conscious living, to health and wellness, to science. I wanted to really just introduce these seekers to other women my age.

On being a seeker:

SR: I love when you call these women seekers. What does a seeker mean to you? I think everyone has it in them, but maybe they don’t know how to articulate it.

NR: For me, a seeker is somebody who is trying to understand the world around them on a deeper level — looking out to the world, but also remembering how important it is to simultaneously look inward at themselves.

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