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Nicole Richie talks to Ryan Seacrest about Pearl xChange and how she came out of the lowest point of her life

Written by admin on October 29 2015

Nicole Richie spoke to Ryan Seacrest on October 28th about the Pearl xChange event which will be held at the Sheraton Universal in Los Angeles. The event will include lots of guest speakers including CIA intelligence officer Jeanette Epps, life coach Dougall Fraser, and VIP guest Gwyneth Paltrow to share inspiring and meaningful conversations in order to guide others.

Nicole reveals a lot about the event including how it will work and why it is so important to her. Ryan also asked if her lowest point was during the time she was doing the show ‘The Simple Life’ with Paris Hilton, to which Nicole responded “I’ve had lower.” They talk further about what got Nicole out of the dark path of addiction and to the empowered woman that she is today.

“I’ve gotten together so many speakers and people who have played a huge role in my life. There are six amazing speakers and we’re going to be talking about everything from health and wellness, to family and work balance, self-awareness. I have an astronaut and former CIA agent coming, we’re gonna be talking about science, there’s a bunch of capitalists talking about how to build your business.

It’s a room for women in their 30s, in their 40s, who are really starting to understand their own power, and it’s for all of us to get in a room together and really understand to appreciate other people’s strengths, and just to kind of help us be the best versions of ourselves, but more importantly, to really bring us together.”

Listen to the full interview above, or click here to listen to it on RyanSeacrest.com.

To buy tickets and read more information regarding the event, visit their website: https://pearlxchange.com/

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