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Nicole Richie designs exclusive jewellery for Le Tote

Written by admin on November 21 2016

Nicole Richie has teamed up with Le Tote to launch an exclusive House of Harlow 1960 collection. Le Tote is a women’s fashion rental service which starts at $39 a month. They recommened pieces they think you’ll love, allow you to customise your box, wear items in your tote for as long as you want (with no strings attached) and then ship them all back when you’re ready for your next box!

Nicole has some of her classic House of Harlow 1960 pieces up for grabs as well as three brand new pieces she designed exclusively for Le Tote. They feature her signature Sunburst Stud earrings and Dakota pendant in lapis blue and the Sunburst pendant in howlite (pictured above). Click here to see all of the HOH 1960 pieces.

Le Tote also interviewed Nicole, asking her about her top style secrets! Read the interview on their blog or below.

WWhat makes her feel confident? What does she do to fix a bad hair day? What jeans does she swear by? Which accessory does she never leave home without? Le Tote gets up close and personal with Nicole Richie, House of Harlow 1960 creative director, on the eve of her exclusive LT collection launch…

Which was that one turning point in your life when you knew you just had to be in fashion?
I have known that I had to express myself creatively through design since I was a young girl. I used to spend hours in my mother’s closet, admiring her clothes and jewelry and the unique way that she put it all together.

What inspires your design process?
Living in LA is so inspiring. I love seeing the way different people dress. It is such a vibrant city. The incredible weather allows for so many outdoor pursuits. I am also super inspired by my girlfriends who juggle a million things, businesses, kids, charities, all while looking dope.

From a spring 2007 debut to spring 2017, what are some highlights of the House of Harlow 1960 journey over the past decade?
Every step along the journey has been so worthwhile. Even when we have had a misstep, it has been an opportunity to learn and recalibrate. I am so proud of the fact that House of Harlow 1960 jewelry has given women an opportunity to express themselves and have fun with fashion for almost a decade. My new partnership with Revolve has also been an exciting stop on my journey.

What is the one golden rule of accessorizing you always follow?
I don’t really believe in rules. Some days, I wear nothing more than small earrings and other I like to pile on fashion and fine jewelry together. My accessory choices depend on my mood.

What makes you feel confident?
I am confident when I am being true to myself. I am happy with my life and comfortable in my own skin. There is no substitute for following your own path.

What is that one accessory you don’t leave home without?
Bobby pins, sunglasses and my new HOH Glitter Bomb phone case.

And that one piece that you want to pass on to your daughter Harlow?
She can have it all!

What are five pieces of jewelry every woman must have in her closet?
Studs for every day, a statement necklace for that attention-getting moment, bold hoops, a headpiece for your inner queen and a ring that you never want to take off.

When in doubt, wear …
Vintage Levi’s.

Which trends are you rocking at the moment?
I don’t follow trends but I love flats and am thrilled that there are so many menswear-inspired footwear choices to wear. I save the heels for special occasions.

What’s your secret trick for:
Bad hair day: Pulled back with coconut oil
Beating stress: Tracey Anderson or time with my Chickens
Overflowing email inbox: It can wait
Buying jeans: Levi’s
Beauty: Less is more
Red carpet glam: Listen to yourself and wear what makes you feel glamorous
Everyday chic: Jeans and a tee

Finally, what is your favorite holiday ritual?
Decorating my house.

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