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Nicole Richie’s Top Holiday Picks

Written by admin on December 18 2014

Nicole Richie spoke to Yahoo! Style about her past and present holiday traditions, what the season means to her and her family, and why she feels particularly lucky. You can see her best holiday picks on shopyahoostyle.com and buy them straight from there.

1. Illuminating Rectangle Ring, $68
2. Illuminating Rectangle Bracelet, $52
3. Illuminating Rectangle Necklace, $58

4. Tres Tri Cut Out Cuff, $88
5. Tres Tri Necklace, $68
6. Tres Tri Fringe Earrings, $68

7. Chrysalis Necklace, $98
8. Chrysalis Stud Earrings, $56
9. Meteora Drop Earrings, $46

“The holidays were a big production in the Richie household when I was growing up—matching mother-daugther outfits were kind of a big production—and I have the fondest memories of all the years spent in my parents’ home celebrating Christmas. Christmas remains my favorite time of year, and Joel and I work hard to make the holidays special for our kids as well. We love hunting for the perfect tree, decorating, and finding thoughtful gifts for one another. Music plays a big part in setting the mood as well. We love listening to Christmas music while decorating. Of course, after a few hours of that, you may find us dancing around the tree to Missy Elliott or TLC. Having kids gives the holidays a whole new meaning. The size of the gift doesn’t matter and the kids don’t really care if they are wrapped impeccably. They just want to tear off the paper and get to the good stuff. Ultimately, the holidays are a time of year to gather everyone you love and reflect. I feel really lucky on so many fronts. I have a great husband, fantastic kids, and a wonderful business. I am happy to ring in a new year!”

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