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Introducing Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow 1960 Fall ’21 Collection

Nicole Richie‘s new House of Harlow 1960 Fall 2021 Collection debuted today, September 9th, online at and also at the Revolve pop-up shop within the Revolve Gallery at Hudson Yards in New York from Friday 10th to Saturday 11th.

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Nicole and Sofia Richie speak to Glamour UK about designing their House of Harlow 1960 collection

Nicole Richie and Sofia spoke to British Glamour about their new fashion collaboration, including quarantine, designing the collection over Zoom, and Sofia’s first experience designing!

“I’ve never been excited about jeans in the way that I am now,” Nicole Richie exclaims from her LA studio, mid-way through our virtual (obviously) interview. The boho babe with impeccable style – whose comedic one-liners shot her into the spotlight alongside Paris Hilton in The Simple Life – is sat beside her 22-year-old sister, Sofia. They’re not only celebrating the *hopeful* end of lockdown, but the launch of their first ever joint clothing collection: Sofia Richie X House of Harlow 1960.

“I like wearing jeans. It’s fun, and it’s to me like a nice re-entry. It’s a nice, calm re-entry.” And that’s exactly the mood we’re trying to channel this season, isn’t it? A nice, calm re-entry into the real world.

Firstly, how has lockdown been for you? What have you been up to, to keep yourselves sane?
“It has been all the things,” Nicole reflects. “I mean, it was… it has been over a year… so it has been scary. I’ve found moments of silver linings that I’ve been spending a lot of time with family.

“I think that an idea that did come from lockdown is being able to create together. I think that really just came from us spending family time together and talking about things we wanted to do, and then deciding we wanted to do this collab. It was like ‘you do this’ and ‘you do this’ and – ‘let’s try this together’. I think for me, being able to create in a time of stillness has been one of the good things that has come out of this for me.”

“I would agree, it has been a rollercoaster of emotions,” Sofia added. “I think spending time with family has been keeping me completely occupied and being able to come together and do this was a great outcome of all of this.”

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Nicole and Sofia Richie talk to Vogue about HOH 1960 line: “I watched Nicole build up HOH to where it is today and I admire her for that”

Nicole Richie and Sofia talk to Vogue about their decision to embark on a fashion journey together with their new joint House of Harlow 1960 line, which launched today, May 10th, 2021.

You’d expect siblings stuck together for a year of quarantine would end up embroiled in family squabbles, but for Nicole and Sofia Richie, the time spent together resulted in a brand new fashion project. Back in April 2020, the two sisters made the decision to join forces on a new spring collection for Nicole’s House of Harlow 1960 line. Over a year later, it’s releasing today on Revolve. “In between watching Netflix and eating, we started talking about our goals for the future, and wanting to create together,” Nicole tells Vogue. Sofia adds that she’s always wanted to work with her bigger sister. “I watched Nicole build up House of Harlow to where it is today, and I admire her for that,” says Sofia. “I wouldn’t be interested in fashion if it wasn’t for her. I’ve learned so much from her.”

The spring assortment has a distinct ’60s and ’70s sensibility—House of Harlow does bohemian well!—including easy slip dresses, tie dye trousers, bikinis, wrap skirts, and more, all in sprightly shades of yellow, orange, and green. (Prices range from $78 to $228.) They wanted to capture their drastically different personal styles. “[Sofia’s] got incredible street style and she’s very edgy,” says Nicole. “I wanted to bring that element [into the line] as layering pieces.” Sophia, for her part, admires Nicole’s classic, effortless aesthetic. “I’m definitely the one borrowing from her most of the time. I’m always in that closet,” she says.

For their first time working and designing together, they decided to each take the lead on certain pieces, instead of creating each one as a team. If you expected there to be any sibling rivalry during the design process, you’re also mistaken—though they both did bring different perspectives to the meetings. “We didn’t know how we were going to play off of each other, but it honestly was the perfect combination,” says Sofia. “I would often come in and be like, ‘No, let’s make it shorter, or more funky, or throw in this pattern.” Nicole does admit, “There were definitely times where I said, ‘Guys, we cannot have it that short. That is too much!’”

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Nicole and Sofia Richie talk to ELLE UK: “Sofia has been wearing House of Harlow since it began”

Nicole Richie and Sofia have launched their first joint collection for House Of Harlow 1960. They spoke to ELLE UK about the collaboration process, bad outfits, and stealing each other’s clothes!

Sofia Richie has confirmed what we all already knew: that her sister Nicole is a fashion icon. So much so, even her ostensibly ‘bad’ outfits are ones for the sartorial history books.

‘[Nicole’s] bad outfits were just iconic,’ the 22-year-old tells ELLE UK from her older sister’s home in Los Angeles, California. ‘So, how can you diss an iconic outfit?’

Even the TV personality and fashion designer’s 13-year-old daughter, Harlow Madden, understands the importance of her mother’s most memorable looks.

‘My daughter just asked me if I had any of my The Simple Life outfits saved,’ the 38-year-old adds. ‘I was like: “Saved? No”.’

‘Sofia has been wearing House of Harlow since it began,’ Nicole says of the collaboration. ‘It felt really natural and something fun to do with my sister.’

The model has celebrated her older sister’s style and business for decades, citing her as one of her ultimate style inspirations since childhood. ‘I loved Rihanna growing up and I loved the Olsen twins. But, I could go to Nicole’s house, go into her closet and steal everything,’ Sofia reveals.

Growing up, Nicole looked to Drew Barrymore, Jacinda Barrett and Clarissa of Clarissa Explains It All for style inspiration, but sine Sofia became an adult, she admits she started returning the clothes-stealing favour.

‘I do have [Sofia’s] cream Rick Owens jacket at my house that she left here. I should give that back,’ she jokes.

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Nicole and Sofia Richie Team Up For First Fashion Collaboration

Nicole Richie has teamed up with her sister Sofia Richie for their first fashion collaboration, HOHxSofia for Revolve. The House of Harlow 1960 line is out from today, May 10th, 2021. The pair spoke to WWD who revealed some exclusive photos in what is Nicole and Sofia’s first photoshoot together!

“It’s also our first shoot together,” said Sofia, 22, days before the photoshoot in Los Angeles. “This will be fun.”

“Oh, my God, is it?” asked Nicole, 39, who founded House of Harlow 1960 in 2008 as a jewelry line before expanding into apparel and shoes.

“It’s our first shoot!”

“She doesn’t know this, but I’m requesting that she wear a Lionel-style wig,” joked Nicole. “We’ll discuss morning of.”

“Oh no…”

The two explained that it was a mutual decision to work together, conceived of during the early days of shutdowns due to the pandemic.

“The world was really quiet last year, and we were just talking about our individual hopes and dreams and what we wanted to do and make,” said Nicole.

“I love the oversize button-down,” said Sofia. “You could pretty much wear it so many different ways, whether it’s with jeans and heels or as a cover for a bikini.”

“Sofia brought in a bit more of, I don’t know what you’d call it, street style and more tailored pieces,” chimed in Nicole. “You know, pieces that I think appeal to a younger audience.”

Read the full interview over at WWD here.

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Nicole Richie shares the fashion rule she always breaks

Nicole Richie recently spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle about the one fashion rule she always breaks.

“There is that big rule of ‘Before you leave take one thing off’ and I’m like, ‘Before you leave you need to put one more thing on’ but that’s just me.”

She also explains why she avoids the word ‘trend’: “I actually really encourage my customers to stay away from the word ‘trend’ because I think it is extremely limiting and very alienating. It just means that the majority of people are wearing it right now. That’s not something the serves me, I couldn’t even tell you a trend right now if you paid me.”

“I am 5’1, and I am myself. It just doesn’t serve me to focus on what the majority of people are wearing. And in that, I couldn’t say that something doesn’t work. It’s a very personal choice.”

Nicole also says why she never looked to others for ideas on how to style herself: “For me, it’s less about an aesthetic that I want to emulate and more about the people that really go for their look in full force.

My love for fashion started with mum. She was going to every event with my dad in the 80s and she was out every night. While we have very different styles – it was the act of watching her put her looks together that really inspired me to go into clothing myself.”

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