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Nicole Richie recently spoke to Parade about her role in the upcoming sitcom Great News. She also touched upon her family, including her father Lionel Richie.

How would you describe Portia?

It’s easy to pin her as this flighty ditz, but she’s nobody’s fool. At times, she’ll say something and you do wonder who’s living in the real world? Is it her co-workers or is it her?

Now that you’re doing a sitcom, are you having to readjust your schedule?

I feel like I’m always trying to readjust, depending on how my kids [daughter Harlow, 9, and son Sparrow, 7] are. Both my life and my husband’s [Good Charlotte lead singer Joel Madden] are very much on the go. I think when you decide that you want to have more time for something, it’s like time just expands if it’s really important to you.

What did you learn from your dad, Lionel Richie?

He is an incredible performer. I’ve looked at him so many times and I’m like, “I don’t know how you do it.” It’s a different generation. He’s “on” all the time. I am someone who cares about personal time, alone time. I like to compartmentalize my life.

Do you have any family traditions?

We have one night a week where no one leaves the house and that’s really important, especially because everyone’s lives move so fast.

Any possibility your dad will guest star in an episode?

We would love it. He loves a camera.

What do you think, looking back on The Simple Life experience, all these years later?

Oh, my God. I had so much fun. I was 21. I was going around the world with my best friend [co-star Paris Hilton] and getting paid for it, so I couldn’t really complain.

Do you bring your kids to the set?

Yeah. They came to set. Basically, everybody on the show is married with kids, and Briga Heelan [who plays Katie, producer of the news show] is about to have a kid, so I think everyone was really excited to have the kids on set. John Michael Higgins [who plays co-anchor Chuck] had his kids on set, too. It was a big family environment.

How do you feel about your kids following you in the business?

Not as kids. No. My kids will not.

Did you know that you had comedy in your blood?

I’m a jokester. I love playing pranks on my friends. I got named “Class Clown” in high school, so at least that award got me somewhere.

Who are your comedy heroes?

My co-stars John Michael Higgins and Andrea Martin make me laugh. Tina Fey, I’ve, obviously, been a fan of her for years. I love comedies. I love ’90s romantic comedies. I grew up watching Shirley Temple. I love physical comedy, dance, and musicals.

On April 5th, Nicole Richie appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where she talked about all things “Great News.” She was styled by Jamie Mizrahi and wore a beautiful dress by Alberta Ferretti and shoes by Jimmy Choo.

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Nicole Richie’s Live Microsoft Workshop

Posted by Toni on
March 30th, 2017

Earlier today, Nicole Richie took part in a Live Microsoft Workshop with Caroline Ghosn from Levo League! She offered her business advice to some developing their own businesses, and took questions from the Facebook audience in the comments. You can see the video below:

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The cast of ‘Great News‘ – including Nicole Richie – reveal more about their characters in this preview of the show, coming April 25th.

Get business advice from Nicole Richie

Posted by Toni on
March 21st, 2017

Nicole Richie is pairing up with Microsoft and using Office 365 to help bring YOUR projects to the next level with some one-on-one advice. Nicole will be choosing four projects to personally give feedback on via Skype, during a Facebook Live Event on March 29th!

Find out more information and how to enter by clicking here. Be sure teo read the rules and regulations before entering.

Successful entrepreneur. Pop culture star. Published author. Philanthropist. We think it’s safe to say that Nicole Richie has taken the entertainment and business world by storm over the past 10 years. And, as someone who’s spent a lot of time selling her ideas to people, she knows how important feedback is to the process. So she’s partnering with Microsoft and using Office 365 to help you bring your projects to the next level with some one-on-one advice.

Yep. You read that right.

The one and only Nicole Richie will be choosing four projects to personally give feedback on via Skype! Are you creating an app that will change the way people shop? Working on new clothing designs for the fall? Writing your autobiography? Developing a pitch for a new kind of reality show? Starting a local charity? Whatever you’re working on, this is your chance to get Nicole’s sharp eyes (and sharper tongue) on it. Her feedback will help you refine your work and equip you with the tools and insights you need to move forward.

Nicole Richie recently did an interview with Mame Says. You can read it below or on their website by clicking here.

Q: First off, congrats on all the success of your projects from Pearl xChange, House of Harlow 1960 and my favorite “Candidly Nicole” which is hilarious and my absolute guilty pleasure. How do you prioritize to make sure each project is properly executed all while being a mommy?

A: Being a mother always comes first. I also work with an amazing team of people who have worked with me for over 10 years. I could, by no means, do it alone. There are times Im needed in two different places at once, so you do what you can. The excitement is in the journey, not just how fast I can get everything done, so I enjoy every step.

Q: As the Creative Director of House of Harlow 1960 what key components did you research prior to taking on this role from a creative and business perspective?

A: I am extremely lucky to be surrounded by a tight knit circle of girlfriends who happen to be very successful entrepreneurs and businesswomen. I often go to them for advice.

Q: What are your go to spring pieces at the moment from the collection?

A: I’m wearing a lot of the jersey/ nude colored knit pieces from the HOHxREVOLVE collection. Each of them are wardrobe staples to build an outfit around. I’m also wearing a lot of the sweaters because it’s still chilly in LA. I am especially loving the two tone off the shoulder Adrienne sweater right now.

Q: You are a fashion icon hands down. I still can’t get over your look from the 2013 Met Gala. How do you keep your look continuously evolving while staying true to your original aesthetic?

A: I find that as I evolve, my style and taste does as well. That’s the fun part of fashion. Fashion truly is a form of art. Understanding that I can feel so strongly about one thing, and look at it in a completely different way a year later is so cool to me. My eye changes. My perspective changes. It changes with life.

Q: Outside of fashion, what are some of your hobbies and things that inspire you?

A: Gardening (duh), piano, hip hop dancing, and rapping.

Q: I love the concept of Pearl xChange, empowering women and self care are very important especially in today’s society. What inspired that?

A: My support system has always consisted of my closest girlfriends. We are each others biggest supporters. It has always been this way. It was important for me to create a space for women to not only support each other but to share our knowledge and connect.

Q: You’ve also worked with Create and Cultivate speaking at the last conference in my hometown Atlanta. What solid advice do you share with young entrepreneurs or women in general that are pursuing creative endeavors?

A: Never stop working on your craft. Always take an opportunity to grow and learn from people around you.

Q: Any future collaborations with House of Harlow 1960?

A: Stay tuned!

Q: Favorite thing about New York?

A: Hmm. Well, I’m an LA girl. I can appreciate the energy and liveliness of New York, but at the end of the day, I want to be home on the West Coast.

Q: Italian food or Thai?

A: Thai.

Whilst at the NBC Press Junket promoting Great News, Nicole Richie and co-star John Michael Higgins spoke to E! News about the upcoming show and how they juggled filming this new project whilst being a parent.

Click here or on the photo below to watch the video.

Great News premieres Tuesday, April 25th at 9pm PST on NBC.