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#CandidlyNicole sneak peek: Will Nicole transition to laser?

Are you excited for tomorrow’s new episode of Candidly Nicole? Take a look at the sneak peek below.

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Nicole Richie’s breaking hearts, specifically, the heart of the woman who has been waxing her legs for years. In a sneak peek for the next Candidly Nicole, Nicole finds out her friend Kelly Oxford and the rest of the modern world have stopped waxing and started using laser treatment. Nicole takes it hard but decides she’s going to think about it. Will Nicole be able to adapt to the chichi way of maintaining her lady hair? Find out on an all new Candidly Nicole, Wednesday at 11/10c!

Nicole Richie spotted filming #CandidlyNicole

On June 8th, Nicole Richie was spotted filming for #CandidlyNicole at The Grove in Los Angeles.

Nicole also shared this photo on Instagram from the same day of her make-up artist Lauren Andersen doing her make-up, and Kelly Oxford shared a photo from the recent filmings of #CandidlyNicole.

nicolerichie: Beat Up #CandidlyNicole #bts

kellyoxford: Me and everyone tagged = having an anxiety attack. #candidlynicole

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