New #CandidlyNicole episodes available

The last batch of #CandidlyNicole episodes from season 2 are now available on AOL. There are three episodes! Click here to check them out. Below are some great quotes from Nicole during the episodes!

Episode 18: And We’re Rolling:

“I’ve been having facial expressions for years. You’ve just learned.”

“Would you skate over your mum like this?”

Episode 19: Momma Said Knock You Out:

“You want me to touch you? Okay. You told me to.”

[to Sofia] “Do you need a cup?”

“She’s always breathing, it’s so annoying!”

Episode 20: Richie Realty:

“Do you ever show side-boob to sell a house?”

“What’s my ‘watching-a-90s-erotic-thriller’ style?”

[about the sun shining in the house] “It even shines up your arse!”

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