[Rumour] Nicole Calls off wedding

According to the latest articles, Nicole has reportedly called off her wedding to fiancé and Good Charlotte member, Joel Madden. But personally, I think this is a false rumour due to the fact that it has been said that the couple haven’t even started planning the wedding yet. Nevertheless, if you are interested in the article, you can read it below:

Here comes the bride? Or not, as it now seems.

Simple Life star Nicole Richie has called off her wedding to her fiancé and father of her two children, rocker Joel Madden.

Insiders claim that the star, who is Lionel Richie’s daughter, decided to cancel her big day because of Madden’s reluctance to settle down.

The Daily News reported that the musician is more interested in living the rock star life than being a husband and father, quoting a source as saying: “Their wedding is off for now.”

“Nicole is upset that Joel seems more interested in being on the road with his buddies, boozing and hanging out in bars than he is in sharing family time in LA.”

The insider added: “It’s become a joke among Nicole’s family and friends how many times she’s planned and postponed the ceremony.”


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