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Nicole Richie talks fashion mishaps in Dubai

Whether she’s sporting a grey up-do, a cobalt blue bob or loose lavender curls, Nicole Richie knows how to make a statement.

Thursday morning in Dubai, she stopped by The Beach opposite JBR to support her pop-up shop, House of Harlow 1960, as part of Dubai Shopping Festival. When she sat down to chat to tabloid!, she was rocking bubblegum pink hair to her chin.

“I was at [hair dresser Andy Lecompte’s] house the other day. The music was going, we were just kind of in the vibe,” she said. “He started cutting it, cutting a little more, cutting a little more, and then all of a sudden it was just completely short. It was blue, and the colour was almost faded out anyway, so we decided to do it pink. It was all very spur-of-the-moment.”

Taking a trip down memory lane, the 33-year-old was quick to share some of her more questionable style choices.

“I was a huge Punky Brewster [‘80s sitcom] fan, and I loved to wear a black shoe and a white shoe, with a red sock and a green sock. I was very into not matching,” she said.

Apparently, she was also into taking risks. Richie’s mother wouldn’t let her wax her eyebrows when she was a teenager, so she decided to do what anyone else would do — shave them off in the shower without the help of a mirror.

“I shaved the entire front part off and I only had eyebrows on the side,” she admitted.

Her creative style solutions reached a new level in the early ‘90s, when she went through a phase of dyeing her hair with stationary and food items.

“I would do it with a pen, or Kool-Aid — I would colour my hair green,” she said.

Happy to poke fun at her past self, Richie insisted that she wouldn’t call any of her previous choices “regrets”, but rather attempts at self-expression.

“That’s what fashion’s all about. It’s about looking back — and no matter what, you’re going to laugh at yourself. No matter what. So you might as well do what you want to do in the moment,” she said.

Jan 29, 2015 – Gulf News – Written by By Marwa Hamad