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Nicole Richie Spills on the Return of ‘#Candidly Nicole,’ Sharing Her Dad’s Sense of Humor & More!

Nicole Richie’s wild and crazy antics are coming back to a computer screen near you with the return of the critically acclaimed AOL web-series, #Candidly Nicole.

On Thursday, Feb. 12 fans can reunite with Richie for the second half of the shows’ sophomore season and prepare to see plenty of the fashion icon’s famous friends and family members including Rashida Jones, Benji Madden and Sofia and Lionel Richie.

To help get you ready for the first batch of laugh-out-loud episode, ETonline has your exclusive sneak peek of Richie and comedian Paul Scheer in their quest to become the world’s best spies.

“We met with an ex-CIA agent and it’s important to be prepared you never know what’s going to happen. The world is a dangerous place,” Richie explained on a conference call Wednesday. “He taught us some very cool tricks and things to do.”

One of the most useful tricks Richie and Scheer mastered was how to escape when your hands are duct-taped together. “Paul Scheer is awesome and it was such an amazing experience to go through with him,” Richie continued. “Escaping with duct tape is really great. I wish Liam Neeson had known how to do this because then there would have never been a Taken [movie].”

Richie’s comedic flare is once again on point in these next episodes of #Candidly Nicole, and the star revealed that the funny bone is definitely hereditary in the Richie family. “I would say my whole family has a pretty good sense of humor,” she explained. “My dad is a jokester and he likes anybody to smile and if he’s the butt of the joke and it’s going to make people laugh then he’s fine with that.”

“I feel that I’m kind of the same way,” The mom-of-two revealed. “My son Sparrow has kind of taken on that persona also. He loves to make people smile and laugh and he doesn’t t care if he’s at the center of the joke he’s just trying to have a good time.”

The final 10 episodes of #Candidly Nicole season two will be released in three groups. The first episodes on Feb. 12, the second on March 12 and the third on April 2.

Feb 11, 2015 – ET! Online – Written by Leanne Aguilera