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Nicole Richie Is Going to Curate Your Life (Spoiler: It’s Going to Smell Amazing)

We’re constantly thinking we’d like to outsource all of our tough décor decisions, and to have a personal shopper with really good taste — someone like Nicole Richie, say. Well, you’re in luck, because she has curated your life (essentially) and put it all in one pop-up store in L.A.’s The Grove shopping center.

Walking into this store makes you think, “Wow, if only my home could look this good.” Luckily, that’s possible because Richie’s objective is to bring all five senses to life, then put it up for sale: everything you see, hear, taste, smell and touch can be bought. From the mirrors to the chairs, shelves and rugs, and from the candles to the Pressed Juicery goodies, all of Richie’s handpicked embellishments will be available for purchase.

“They’re all from my favorite places here in L.A.,” says Richie. “When I was going to open the store, I was like, I don’t want this store to only reflect the brand, but also reflect me.”

She adds, “The way it came together was really cool because just over the past few months, it’s given me the opportunity to use this blank canvas to really represent what the brand is, and it’s just been so exciting and an exciting journey for me, too.”

The House of Harlow 1960 pieces in this shop will range from $24 to $395 and will feature a capsule collection of apparel that Richie has specifically designed for the summer, including her line’s signature kimono and various vintage pieces that she has picked up during her worldwide travels. (Though my personal favorite happened to be the kimono dresses, Richie says the silk camisole has been her go-to for years.)

She’s also selling the brand’s jewelry collection, with the addition of several exclusive malachite pieces will be available in the pop-up shop, as well as a selection of fine jewelry — some of which Richie already personally owns, including the smokey quartz pendant with 14-karat gold and diamonds.

“I’ve been making them for my friends, but I’ve never sold them before,” she says.

But Richie didn’t want this to be a one-(wo)man band, so she had all of her best friends help to get the ball rolling, including her childhood best friend since they were three, interior decorator Marsha Gordon, who made the interior of the shop look like a bohemian wonderland.

“Her look to me is very bohemian, fun, colorful, and so I wanted to put pieces — furniture wise — that were eclectic,” says Gordon of her pal, comparing the shop to a mix between Marie Antoinette and Nancy Meyers. “[With] the shelving, I wanted to add a rustic vibe to it because I feel like it’s her bohemian style, and then I wanted to add a feminine touch.”

More of Richie’s friends who have a hand in the shop’s success: Who What Wear co-founder Katherine Powers and Hello Giggles founder Sophia Rossi will be attending to help you with all of your style needs. But wait, there’s still more. We’ve all been in that “wanting to do something crazy and different” hair phase at one point or another, so Richie’s personal hairstylist, Danny Moon, will pop by on one day to work his magic on shoppers (so plan your pastel makeover ahead of time — you’ve got from July 3 to July 16 to try to catch him!).

And if you want to go armed with gift recommendations from Richie herself? She loves “the stationery and the notebooks, and I think you can’t really go wrong with the candles.” Translation: Bring your biggest tote, because you won’t be leaving empty-handed.

Jul 01, 2015 – People Style Watch – Written by Nicole Sands