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Nicole Richie Speaks On The Growth of House Of Harlow 1960

Nicole Richie launched House of Harlow 1960 in 2009, with Spring 2010 as its debut season. Now in it’s fifth year House of Harlow 1960 has evolved into offering full-fledged collections, including ready-to-wear, jewelry, eyewear, footwear, handbags and now even candles.

Life + Times spoke to the mastermind behind the brand to find out how House Of Harlow 1960 is growing, what we can expect in the future and if she would ever follow her famous father’s footsteps into music.

Life + Times: We are huge fans of your style. Do you have any style muses ? Is it important for you to keep reinventing yourself?
Nicole Richie: My mother has always been my biggest style inspiration, Bianca Jagger, Marie Helvin are favourites as well. More than reinvention, it’s important to take a step back every once in a while and see how your eye changes. That’s the fun of fashion.

L+T: You launched House Of Harlow 1960 in 2009, how have you kept inspired?
NR: Music and travel are a big source of inspiration to me, but truly I can be inspired by anything. A person, a song, a texture or a photo. I try to push myself to stop and pinpoint why I am drawn to anything. Inspiration is a feeling. And I open myself up to that wherever I am.

L+T: Brands associated with celebrities can sometimes find it harder to be taken seriously Have you faced any problems launching and growing your brand?
NR: Launching a brand has its challenges no matter who is behind it. It does not serve me to focus on perception. I have to keep showing up and designing for my customer. My work ethic stays true to who I am.

L+T: Who do you envision wearing your brand when you are designing ?
NR: The most exciting times are when I’m out and see someone wearing my designs not even knowing that it’s something that I’m behind. It’s the product that she’s drawn to, not the name. That’s the best kind of person.

L+T: Do you use friends and family as a think tank for the creating process ?
NR: I have friends bring me vintage pieces that they want a modern take of all the time. I love it. It excites me and makes me feel like I am a part of a bigger creative process.

L+T: Would you like to show House Of Harlow during fashion week.
NR: I would love to. That’s the dream.

L+T You are expanding into candles. Why candles?
NR: Candles are an essential component of my home. Every room has at least one if not a few candles in them, I believe they create an energy and vibe. They keep a room warm and moving. It was the perfect first step into the home space, which is where House of Harlow 1960 is going next. The home fragrance collection is an extension of House of Harlow, celebrating individuality and the love of life. House of Harlow will ultimately become a lifestyle brand.

L+T: We love you on Candidly Nicole. What other projects do you have in the pipeline ?
NR: Candidly Nicole is so much fun. It’s a space for me to learn, discover, and have fun at the same time. Because I focus on topics coming from my followers on social media, I feel like we are taking this journey together. What’s more fun than that.

L+T: You also play piano as well as other instruments could we see you do music ever?
NR: I love playing music. I still take piano lessons. My dad taught me to play at age three, but because he can’t read music, I never learned. I am now focused on learning to read. Music is a happy place for me. Weather I do it professionally or not, I’m not sure. It’s in my life right now, and I enjoy it.

Dec 22, 2014 – Life and Times – Written by Archna Sawjani