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Exclusive: An Inside Look at Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow Campaign

It’s not every day we walk onto the set of a campaign shoot greeted by two adorable owls—named Owlette and Owltoid—and a dream-worthy spread of necklaces, bracelets, and rings. But then again, House of Harlow 1960 isn’t your average jewelry brand. Designed by the supremely stylish Nicole Richie, House of Harlow 1960 features an exciting range of mixed-media baubles, and its latest collection is full of attention-grabbing pieces. We went behind the scenes of the brand’s latest Los Angeles shoot to give you a first look at what’s to come, so keep reading to see all the photos and our exclusive interview with Richie.

What are you most excited about fashion-wise for the upcoming season?

Fall is my favorite season to dress for, because it means layering and gives me an opportunity to play with different constructions and textures. I love breaking out my summer pieces and wearing them over winter pieces, like taking a turtleneck and wearing a summer dress over it. The world is kind of your oyster when it comes to how you’re going to style your clothes.

Is there a trend you really love for fall?

I encourage my customers not to focus on trends and really just wear what makes them feel comfortable, because what you are confident in is what you’re going to look best in. There is no point in dressing like everyone else in order to try and be the best version of you. To me, the people that look the coolest are the people most confident in what they are wearing.

What is the inspiration behind the collections you’re shooting today?

House of Harlow 1960 has always experimented with bringing in different fabrics. We like to keep things really intricate and really eclectic. This was the first time we brought in crystals and mixed metals and really just focused on the small details of the collection. House of Harlow is normally a collection known for its bigger pieces, but we are now introducing smaller, more delicate pieces. It’s all meant to be layered and mixed in with other pieces from your wardrobe.

What’s your favorite piece from the new collection?

The I.D. necklace is my favorite and I’ve been wearing it all summer. It’s not even out yet, but I’ve been wearing it for like three months.

Do you have any rules for accessorizing?

I don’t believe less is more. I think you can wear as much as you want. I love mixing metals, like silver and gold, and different fabrics. I like it to feel like it has a lot of dimension.

What do you love most about designing your collections season after season?

I feel like with jewelry you really have this freedom. It’s not like ready-to-wear, where you have to fall within certain guidelines. Jewelry is an area for you to fully express yourself. Even people who don’t really want to take that risk when they are wearing clothes can do it with jewelry. My favorite part is looking at different pieces when I travel. I am on the road with my husband all the time and always finding the closest flea market or kiosk. I don’t sit down and design for one season, I just constantly go.

If we could peek inside your bag, what would we find?

I’m a Virgo, so I am very organized. I have a little bag that contains a small-sized hand lotion, essential oils, smelling oils, a little face spray, some lavender hand sanitizer, and some bobby pins, all in a little freshening up kit. I also have my phone, camera, brush, and two or three pairs of sunglasses.

Oct 17, 2014 – Who What Wear – Written by by Jessica Baker