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Q&A: Nicole Richie Showcases Winter Kate on NBC

Fashion Star is wrapping up next week after giving new-comers in the design world the chance of a lifetime. Judge and vet designer Nicole Richie took to the stage last night to show off her latest Winter Kate collection. See a glimpse of the boheme wares above and hear from Richie below:

Harper’s Bazaar: What did you have in mind for the Winter Kate this season?
Nicole Richie: The Spring 2012 collection was heavily influenced by the mystical city of Rajastan, India. Exclusive silk prints, as seen in floral paisleys and traditional motifs like the elephant God Ganesh, a symbol of happiness and fortune, reflect the richness of India’s mythology.

HB: What are your personal favorite pieces in the collection?
NR: The collection is illuminated by our re-interpretation of the traditional sari — a wondrous nine yards of fabric that has been spun with a new twist, which is the Kamala dress.

HB: Fashion Star reaches millions, how do you think that will translate for your brand?
NR: Fashion Star has been an incredible platform to show America the amount of work and discussion that goes into each garment you see in a store. I am proud that my collections have received such praise, and I am even more proud to share the stage with so many talented designers.

HB: We love your suit in the photos, what are you feeling style-wise as of late?
NR: I believe that fashion is the ultimate form if self expression therefore it really depends on my mood.

May 10, 2015 – Harper’s Bazaar – Written by Kerry Pieri