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Exclusive: Nicole Richie On Her New QVC Line

Nicole Richie isn’t slowing down this fall. Hot on the heels of launching an affordable collection for Macy’s Impulse, the Fashion Star judge and designer is about to debut new pieces ($39.50–$127) for her QVC line, launching on September 6. In keeping with her usually bohemian aesthetic, the latest duds were created with at-home shoppers in mind. ELLE.com got the scoop from Richie on her creative process, which music genres inspire her, and how she stays Zen.

ELLE: You designed your Impulse line for the “fun” Macy’s girl. Who were you designing for this time?

Nicole Richie: The biggest difference is that the QVC customers are convenience shoppers, and the Macy’s customers are department-store shoppers. It’s women who prefer to shop from the comfort of

their own homes versus people who like to go into stores and try on clothes. I did both as a way to reach all of my customers. Aesthetic-wise, it’s still very much me. When I’m in the creative process, I try to not focus on the differences. You’ll see a little bit of Winter Kate and House of Harlow 1960 in both collections. With QVC, I did things like lace-trimmed T-shirts. I went into scarves with QVC, which I haven’t done in Winter Kate or my Macy’s Impulse line.

ELLE: Your QVC clothes seems to have a loose, easy-to-wear fit. Did you do this deliberately, knowing that customers couldn’t try them on?

NR: When designing for a company like QVC, that is obviously something you have to take into account. I’m fortunate enough to work with great partners, and QVC is such a well-oiled machine that they put the right team around me, so we were able to create my vision but make it easy for women at home to know it will fit.

ELLE: Describe your design process.

NR: It all begins with music for me. I have a pretty eclectic taste in music. I’m a huge fan of the ’60s and ’70s, I love classic rock, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, and the overall freedom of that time. I also love rap and hip-hop. Specifically for QVC, I would say that it was more ’70s focused. I also find inspiration in my everyday environment, books, travel, and great vintage shops and flea markets.

ELLE: What are some of your favorite pieces in the collection?

Nicole Richie: The Princess seamed maxi dress is sexy without revealing too much, and it is quite versatile, as well. I also like the versatility of the feather-print mini dress and the vintage feel of the lace-trim open jacket, which can be worn with a pair of light denim jeans during the day and black jeans in the evening.

ELLE: How do you do it all and still have time for your family?

NR: It can be tricky at times, but I make it work. It takes organization and a lot of green tea.

ELLE: What do you have planned next?

NR: That is a good question. Right now I’m not taking on anything new, because it’s important for me to get things comfortably under my belt before adding on something else. It’s very easy to expand and expand fast, but that wouldn’t be me and that wouldn’t be authentic to my customers. A lot of my customers have been with me since the beginning of The Simple Life, so I think that they know me pretty well. I do have to stay true to myself, so they know that I’m staying true to them.

ELLE: What is the best career advice anyone ever offered you?

NR: Be yourself!

Aug 30, 2012 – Elle – Written by Lauren Levinson