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Nicole Richie Says She Tries Not To Focus On Her “Style Icon” Status

Earlier this week Nicole Richie hit Nordstrom in San Francisco to meet and greet fans and show off her new Winter Kate and House of Harlow 1960 lines, which are now available at the department store. We caught up with a somewhat mum Richie before the frenzy to talk about her new line, her style icon status, and her thoughts on San Francisco style (and Danielle Steel’s harsh comments about it)!

What’s the inspiration behind your Spring 2011 collections that are at Nordstrom today?

“For ready-to-wear, I went back to my family’s roots in Alabama. There’s something very feminine about the way my mother used to dress when I was little. Very delicate floral prints, great silks. There was just an ease and flowy-ness to it and during that time. So, that’s where I pulled [inspiration] from for the clothes. For the footwear, I just wanted to create something that was really fun with bold colors. And for the jewelry, I did feathers and coins, things like that.”

Over the last five years or so, you’ve become a style icon of sorts. How do you feel about that title?
“Well, thank you. That title doesn’t come up to me in my everyday life, so it’s not something that I ever think of myself as. But, thank you!”

But you must see your name linked to the word “style icon” in articles…
“I try not to focus on that. Honestly, my days are just so full of work and I really try not to pay attention to outside influences, whether they’re good or bad, because I don’t want it to effect my work. So, I don’t know how I feel about it!”

You’re known to have a laid-back boho style. Would you agree that that’s your vibe?
“It’s hard for me to categorize myself because I’m me. I wear what’s comfortable and what I’m in the mood to wear.”

Have you been to San Francisco before and, if so, what do you do when you’re here?

“I actually spend a lot of time here and I love it. I went to Pier 23 before I came here to Nordstrom. I have a few friends that live here and we just hang out and eat sushi and go shopping. It really depends.”

Danielle Steel was just quoted as saying that San Francisco has no style. From just looking around when you visit, do you agree with that?

“I really appreciate anyone who owns their style, no matter what city they live in. I have an appreciation for anyone who is able to express themselves through fashion.”

Although you’re a celebrity yourself, is there any other celebrity that you would love to see wearing your clothing?
“I’m the most excited when I see an everyday working, multi-tasking woman on the street wearing my stuff. That, to me, is the exciting: To see one of my customers who I design for actually wearing what I designed and enjoying it.”

May 13, 2011 – Refinery29 – Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano