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Ashley Tisdale tweets about #CandidlyNicole

Written by admin on January 22 2015

Actress and singer Ashley Tisdale tweeted about how she cannot stop binge watching #CandidlyNicole, which got Nicole Richie‘s attention. Nicole said “come be on the show” and Ashley responded saying she would love to! Would you like to see Ashley Tisdale on #CandidlyNicole?

Brenda Richie Uploads Photo of Harlow and Sparrow Decorating Christmas Tree

Written by admin on December 20 2014

Nicole Richie’s mother, Brenda Harvey Richie, uploaded some cute photos on Twitter of Harlow and Sparrow adding the finishing touches to the Christmas tree. Check them out below. I also added a bunch of other cool photos from Brenda’s Twitter account – some great throwbacks in there – which can be found here.

Harlow & Sparrow finishing The Tree!

Harlow & Sparrow with Auntie Sofia!

Nikki Fre$h Tweets About #YOKConcert

Written by admin on November 17 2014

Here are some photos Nicole recently posted on her Twitter account.

Backstage rehearsing with my whip tonight….My tricycle. #YOKConcert #NikkiFresh

It’s been real #YOKConcert. I’m out. ✌️ #NikkiFresh

Nicole Richie’s #YOKconcert Playlist

Written by admin on November 11 2014

Nicole Richie is hosting the You Oughta Know Concert on VH1 on Thursday November 13th at 9/8c. She created a Spotify playlist to compliment the event.

Late Late Show Twitter Posts Photo of Nicole

Written by admin on July 17 2014

Nicole was recently on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, which you can watch here. Take a look at this photo the Late Late Show posted on their Twitter account:

‏@LateLateShowCBS: .@nicolerichie & Craig reminisce abt their wild 20s + A new e-mail jingle saluting the S’Mores Blizzard #LateLateShow

Twitter Q&A With Nicole Richie Tomorrow

Written by admin on July 14 2014

The Candidly Nicole Facebook has announced that Nicole will be doing a Q&A via their Twitter account tomorrow (15/07). Read below for more info!

Start sending us your questions for Nicole Richie using ‪#‎AskNicole‬ ON TWITTER and she’ll answer them TOMORROW starting at 3/2C on our account, @CandidlyNicole!

Nicole’s Best Tweets: Week #3 of 4

Written by admin on July 09 2014

Each Wednesday I will be bringing to you a series of some of Nicole’s best tweets to celebrate her upcoming TV show, #CandidlyNicole, which is based on her humour – especially on Twitter! This will continue until next week until the show airs on July 17th on VH1 in America. Enjoy!

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