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Dear Heat Magazine and Star Magazine: Shut the Fuck Up

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Gossip magazines felt the need to comment on the weight of Nicole Richie and her lifestyle and publish an estimated weight guess because they are assholes. Please never buy these magazines.

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Nicole Richie Covers Marie Claire Mexico

Nicole Richie is on the cover of the February 2014 issue of Marie Claire Mexico. She talks about The Simple Life, Paris Hilton, motherhood and more! Here are some quotes from Marie Claire magazine:

“I had already traveled a lot around my country and abroad, but I had never experienced America quite like when we were doing the show. Before that, my whole world was between Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Alabama and Atlanta, where my parents come from, and I was also familiar with some of the southern ways and customs, but being in the central states was something completely new to us. Traveling is essential because it helps you grow. Learning about different cultures and beliefs is a wonderful process.”

“We were filmed 24/7: in the bedroom, in the car, in the living room,” she recalled. “That was the most interesting part about The Simple Life, because it was intended to show what we were experiencing in the most truthful way. This changed later on, but at the beginning it was reality at its finest.”

“Paris has been part of my life since I was 2 years old,” Richie explained. “There’s a strong friendship between our families and we’ll always know each other.”

“Motherhood makes you way more conscious of how you distribute your spare time,” the House of Harlow designer, who modeled a variety of eclectic looks for her Marie Claire shoot, said. “Kids are so precious that your priorities change completely.”

“I think that’s a global struggle and we, all women, are constantly trying to find a solution,” she said. “I’m like any other working mother trying to make things work and dealing with this situation one day at a time. I have an amazing family and they’ve all been very supportive, my parents live only ten minutes away and my husband and his twin brother help me when I need it.”

Info on Nicole shooting the cover:

Ariadne Grant, editor in chief of Marie Claire Mexico and Latin America, tells E! News that Richie arrived at the photo shoot in Los Angeles with her agent and, a couple of hours later, nannies brought her kids and dog to the location to keep her company.
Richie showed up with wet hair and wearing no makeup, and was “sporting a very relaxed but sport-chic style similar to the one she’s wearing in our cover pictures,” Grant said.

“She was very nice and greeted everybody, seeming very happy to be there… Between shoots, she played with her kids. She is very down to earth, even assembling her dog house without asking her assistants for help. We certainly could appreciate her great evolution, becoming a perfect example of a Marie Claire woman,” Grant told us. “She seemed very mature in all the aspects of her life, even saying that Paris Hilton would remain forever in each other’s lives.”

The February 2014 issue of Marie Claire Mexico and Latin America is out this Monday (January 27th).


An Open Letter to Star Magazine

It is extremely offensive and unethical for you to comment on a celebrity’s weight such as Nicole Richie who is already constantly targeted and bullied for her fluctuating appearance.

You do not have the right to choose a photograph of Nicole Richie who may not be looking her best in said photo and then criticise her image. It is awfully rude of you to jump to conclusions in order to get a headline. It is especially impolite for you to guess her weight and announce that personal information publicly. To state that Nicole is going through a “tragic relapse” and is “anorexic again” is incredibly corrupted. Nicole Richie has maintained a healthy weight for a long time and has never suffered from an eating disorder. Her exceptionally thin appearance that was heavily targeted in the press years ago was due to her past experiences with drug abuse and losing friends. She has always being a thin woman.

Anorexia Nervosa is a serious disorder and eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. It is highly distasteful for you to insinuate that someone has an eating disorder. You are literally implying that Nicole looks ill and unhealthy which is not in your place to pass judgement and comment on. You are in fact bullying.

Hypothetically, if Nicole Richie were to actually be suffering from anorexia at this time, do you think it is ethical for you to even be commenting on it and publicly announcing it to the world? Mental health is not a joke and it is extremely important in the way that it should be treated. I am sure your front cover would not aid Ms Richie in any way possible to recover, especially when she is already in the public eye as much as she is. Even without the eating disorder, I cannot imagine that Ms Richie would take it lightly considering what I stated in the previous paragraph.

Please stop targeting celebrities for their personal issues. Their weight and mental health is not a concern to you and you have no right to pass judgement or comment on someone else’s appearance. I am disgusted that many gossip magazines around the world are even allowed to publish such malarkey. It should be made illegal. In an ideal world, all magazines who do not express the message that all shapes and sizes and flaws are beautiful would be banned.

You do not know the effect that this could have on those reading and the one who is receiving the utter bullshit you have laid out as “news story”. You are influencing a generation and you are writing about the wrong thing. You should be empowering your target demographic of young women to be confident with their own appearance. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and when you bring someone down on their small or large frame you are contributing to why some people even have eating disorders and/or self-esteem issues in the first place. All body types are beautiful. And being skinny does not mean you have an eating disorder.

If anything, Nicole Richie may lose her appetite at times as she can be extremely busy which will cause some weight loss. However, this still does not give anyone the right to comment on how thin she looks. It is a rude comment to make.

Don’t even get me started on the “Marriage to Joel falling apart” and other gossip you have put with Nicole’s story. They are happily married. Stop feeding those who are too young to question what they are reading lies.
I do not support gossip magazines in any way.

Yours Sincerely,