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Nicole Richie: “I feel the most like myself when I don’t have any make-up on”

Nicole Richie spoke to PeopleStyle for their 5 Questions video series. She shared her reasons for not really wearing make-up, thus unintentionally joining Alicia Keys’ “Make-up Free Movement.”

“I stay away from makeup because it clogs my skin. I know people [who] are so comfortable in makeup and they feel alive and that is what they love to do,” she continues. “So I wouldn’t say that I am against it because I know people that really get joy and feel the most like themselves when they put on makeup. I feel the most like myself when I don’t have any on and so that’s the road that I go down.”

“That’s probably the one rule that I do,” she adds, while chatting off-screen. “Some people love to wear makeup and that’s their thing. They like it. They’re comfortable in it. It’s not something that I would do. I like having a bare face. That’s me.”

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Nicole also shared her tips on how to dress when you’re only 5’1.

“I’m 5-ft-1-in., so I can’t just go and wear some miniskirt,” she tells PeopleStyle. “That would look a lot better on someone 5-ft-9-in. I have to work with my body, and I like to be comfortable. My go-to look is loose pants and a tank top. I’m really into bodysuits. If I am at home, it’s sweats. I like to be supercozy.”

Her favourite suggestions are:

Flowy Dresses
“I just love them,” she says. “I love them for summer. I don’t like to feel like I’m wearing anything. It’s easy just to throw on.”

Wide-Leg Trousers
“I like things loose all the time,” she says. “I don’t like a lot of things touching my skin. While I do love jeans, I don’t like to be constricted all the time so that’s why I wear a lot of loose pants.”

A Little Skin
“A sliver is appropriate sometimes,” she says. “I don’t do it all the time. It’s just about knowing your audience and do it when it’s appropriate, like a party. What’s not appropriate for me is that I am running around all day so I wouldn’t be wearing something like that — and I am 34, so I wouldn’t be doing that. [More skin] would look so cute on a 20-year-old all day. But that’s just not my life.”

“I love to wear [a jumpsuit] while running around with the kids,” she says.

PeopleStyle also featured some of this info and more in a Spotlight feature in their magazine!
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Nicole Richie will be in Darling Magazine

Nicole Richie will be in the fall issue of Darling Magazine, which aims to redefine beauty and empower women. Joining Nicole on set were her usual team: Beau Nelson for makeup, Gregory Russell for hair and Jamie Schneider for clothing and style.

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So much fun shooting @nicolerichie for @darling fall issue today!

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Diva is a female version of a hustler.

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Nicole and Lionel Richie cover #Legend magazine

Nicole Richie and her father Lionel Richie are on the January cover of #legend magazine, where they offer a glimpse into the Richie household.

#legend is a brand new magazine that launched at the Hong Kong Cancer Fund’s Chine de Chine fund-raising gala. From March 2016, it will be published monthly by Legend Publishing (Hong Kong) Ltd

Nicole on being a nice person:
“I’m a nice person, but people think I’m nicer than I am because my father is so nice.”

Lionel on what it takes to be a legend:
“Being a legend means you put the work in. It means you have a body of work that will stick around long after you’re gone. That’s legendary stuff. You’ve affected the world and people. You’ve created history.”

Here is a further peek into the interview:

You both have so much going on with all your various ventures. How does that affect the father-daughter dynamic and the sort of time you get to spend together?

NR: My dad’s touring is really all I know. For me, that’s how I was raised. My dad would go off and work, come back and have home time. Oddly enough, that’s how my own family works now. Joel’s on tour all the time. We have our own calendar. We don’t take summer vacations when everyone else does, and we do it whenever it works out for us.

LR: And when we do get together, it’s a hilarious moment of catching up with everybody. The kids now have their own friends. Where it used to be that [I] had to be the entertainer, they sometimes don’t even play with us. They have their own posse of friends. We can just sit back and relax. Father’s Day is probably the greatest phone call you’re going to get. I’m somewhere, or Nicole is somewhere, and when I come over to the house it’s Father’s Day no matter what day it is because I’m kind of celebrated.

My little girl has created another family and I walk in with the proud papa look on my face. As my own papa used to say, “I think I had something to do with all this.” And all of a sudden, Nicole is the strict parent. Go figure. I hear her say to the kids, “What did I tell you? Turn the TV off and go upstairs right now!” and I’m going, “Excuse me?”

Click here to read the full interview.

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Nicole Richie covers Ladygunn magazine

Nicole Richie is on the cover of Ladygunn magazine. You can read a snippet from the interview below but don’t forget to click here for the full thing. The beautiful photos were photographed by Isaac Sterling with Nicole’s usual team there for hair (Gregory Russell) and make-up (Beau Nelson).

Hey Nicole! So Candidly Nicole went into its second season in July. I imagine it must be validating to have a show get picked up for a second season! A lot of shows come and go and they don’t live on. How do you feel about it getting picked back up? Do you think it’s a cool little testament to the success of season one?
It’s so exciting. I started this show out as a web series because I didn’t even know how many people were going to be into this concept. When I first met with Telepictures, they really wanted me to do a TV show. It’s why I did the AOL episodes. I just really wanted to test the waters and see if this would be something people were even gravitating towards. Then, to get picked up not only on AOL for a second season, but then VH1, it’s just so exciting for me. I have the best time doing this show. I get to have fun, I get to learn, and I’m around all my friends, so it’s just so much fun.

It’s a really upbeat show. And though it’s upbeat and funny, it’s still kind of intimate and gives glimpses into what you’re up to in your life. We get to watch you do all of these things that maybe you haven’t done before, in different situations and scenarios… So on that note, have you learned certain things about yourself that maybe you didn’t know before doing this show?
Well, I’ve learned certain things because I’m constantly putting myself in a situation where I don’t have a lot of knowledge. Actually doing that, yeah, I’ve been learning all the time. It’s weird, things have been happening in my life and on the show kind of around the same time. When I was learning about chickens, I was really in the process of getting chickens. So I’m learning about chickens [on the show], and becoming more aware of what I’m eating, becoming more aware of my body in my life. But it’s all kind of happening at the same time.

You have chickens? How cute! I didn’t know that…
Ha ha, thanks! They are super cute.

Click here to read the full interview.

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US Weekly: What’s In Nicole Richie’s Bag?

Nicole Richie is in US Weekly (dated August 3rd) talking about what’s in her bag. I’ve written up the article below to make it easier to read, but you can still check out the scan.

EDIT (23/07): This article is now available on their website. Click here.

What’s In My Bag? Nicole Richie, 33, gets candid about her carryall’s contents.

“My kids look at my bag as their own, which drives me insane!” admits the mom of Harlow, 7, and Sparrow, 5 (with husband Joel Madden, 36). “My son hides Legos in there, and sometimes I’ll find a sock.” The star of VH1’s Candidly Nicole (returning July 29th at 11PM) gives US an uncensored peek inside her Givenchy Tote.

“Because I have kids, I have a whole emergency kit. I have Band-Aids, Wet Ones, Aquaphor and cranberry almond Kind bars.”

“I remember things better when I wrote them down, so I carry a little notebook. My dog Iro chewed my son’s basketball, so I wrote down that I have to get him a new one before he finds out!”

“Even though Blockbuster doesn’t exist anymore, I have a card. I got denied so much as a teen that when I finally got it, I promised myself I wouldn’t let it go!”

“You’ve got to look fresh. So I don’t leave home without Lucas’ Pawpaw lip blam, EO lavender hand sanitizer, Visine and Caudalie’s beauty elixir and divine oil.”

“I carry a small Canon camera on me. I print my photos and frame them. My friends count on me to be the picture-taker of the group.”

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