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Nicole Richie and author Jedidiah Jenkins launch Limited Edition Elephant Locket

Written by admin on November 04 2023

Nicole Richie has collaborated with her friend and author Jedidiah Jenkins to design a limited edition House of Harlow 1960 Elephant Locket in celebration of his new book, ‘Mother, Nature.’ The locket, which will be available on November 30th and is currently available for pre-order, holds a special meaning that ties into his book. Jedidiah wrote a statement which you can read below.

Every parent/child relationship comes with complexity. We grow up and believe different things. We change and evolve and conversations can be hard. But I hope that we can commit to loving each other, supporting each other, no matter what.

I’m reminded of the ‘Parable of the Elephant.’ It goes like this:

A long time ago, a strange beast was brought to a monastery of blind monks.
It was called an elephant. They had never heard of such a thing,
So they gathered around to touch it. The men each stood in one spot and reached out to touch the creature.
One man touched its trunk. Another, its tusk. Another, its flapping ear.
Each man touched it from where he stood.
When the elephant was gone, the men gathered together to reflect on the wonderful experience. But their stories did not align. One man described a giant snake. Another a gentle monster made of bone. Another, a bat-winged giant.
They became angry with each other. How could they lie about something so extraordinary? Soon, they were shouting and fists were swinging.
In many versions of the story, the men go their separate ways and never speak again.


This locket represents a commitment to love,
To believing that no matter how different you are,
No matter how certain you are,
There is a love that sees it all from above,
That sees the whole elephant, not just a trunk or a tusk.

I put a picture of my mom and me in mine. I wear one and she does too.
We don’t agree on much, but we agree that we love each other and always will.

-Jedidiah Jenkins, author of ‘Mother, Nature’ / Designed by Nicole Richie

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