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Nicole Richie Talks House of Harlow and Apologies for 2000s Fashion Trend

Written by admin on September 10 2021

Nicole Richie spoke to Bustle about the last year and a half, and how it’s influenced her craft, creativity, and outlook. “For everyone, it’s been a hard and complicated year, and as we are approaching fall, I’m feeling even from my own friends that people are a little scared of being down and inside. So I wanted this collection to feel colourful, bright, and alive, but still have that feeling of fall behind it.”

Bustle notes that some pieces from Nicole’s House of Harlow 1960 Fall 2021 collection give a nod to ’90s menswear tailoring and outerwear, while others channel the Bohemian aesthetic of the ’70s with cheetah jacquard dresses and paisley prints.

“I live in LA, so I don’t know weather-wise when this is happening for me, but this three-piece suit, I am so excited about,” Nicole says. “I cannot wait to wear it. I love the vest, the blazer and the fit of the pants. It’s just my absolute favourite look.”

Nicole is also reintroducing jewellery to House of Harlow, a category which initially launched the brand in 2008. “One of the groups I’m the most excited about is the Honeycomb Collection because I love bees,” she says.” I have bees. I make my own honey. You’ll see there’s a honeycomb cigar ring, honeycomb hoop earrings, and proceeds from that are going back to the Los Angeles Beekeepers Association.”

Bustle also took Nicole down memory lane as they looked back at her fashion choices in the 2000s. One thing they revisited were trucker hats. “Trucker hats are a no from me,” she says. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for wearing them. And I’m sorry for not liking them now. It’s an overall ‘I’m sorry’ and an overall ‘no.'” Check out the other trends the comments on over at Bustle.com.

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