Nicole Richie covers The Zoe Report: “I’m making an iconic rap album right now about how I’m not using plastic”

Nicole Richie is on the cover of the spring issue of The Zoe Report. Nicole was styled by Jamie Mizrahi with hair by Gregory Russell and make-up by Vincent Oquendo. The photos were shot by Thomas Whiteside. Nicole gave a full interview where she talked about her rapping alter ego Nikki Fre$h, the healing power of crystals and her upcoming TV projects.

Richie seems to genuinely agree that undergoing the process of becoming a fully sentient adult in the pages of Us Weekly was good for her. “Some of the most horrible things I’ve done have come out in the world,” she says. “As terrible as that has been at times, it’s also kind of given me this freedom to grow and change. It’s not like I came out and was like, ‘Hello, my name is Nicole Richie and I have everything figured out.’ But the essence of who I am is really the same. In my heart, I am someone who would try things.”

Click here to read the full interview.

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