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Nicole Richie attends Baby2Baby holiday party at Montage Beverly Hills

Written by admin on December 20 2016

On December 18th, Nicole Richie attended the Baby2Baby holiday party with friends Rachel Zoe and Kelly Sawyer at Montage Beverly Hills hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Nicole spoke to PEOPLE at the event.

Richie is a self-professed holiday lover. “I go big. I love Christmas. I’m a bit over-the-top,” she told PEOPLE at the Baby2Baby Holiday Party presented by Old Navy at Montage Beverly Hills.

“We start decorating on October 1st for Halloween and we don’t stop through December,” she continued. “So trees, everything. All of it. The music. Mariah Carey is blasting all through my house and that’s the vibe. Lots of lights.”

While Richie’s home is all decked out for the holidays, her actual plans aren’t quite set in stone. When asked if she would be preparing Christmas dinner this year, the fashion designer responded: “Am I? I don’t know. Good question. I don’t know if I am. I should ask my entire family.”

Dinner plans may still be up in the air, but Richie is definitive about one thing this holiday season, the fact that she’s finally perfected her homemade apple cider recipe.

“This year I figured out the perfect recipe for homemade apple cider so that’s been my Christmas theme and what I’ve been doing with the kids,” she shared. “We figured out the best recipe and we’ve just been making homemade apple cider all season.”

Richie relied on her kids Harlow, 8, and Sparrow, 7, as “taste testers,” and it took her multiple test runs to get the recipe exactly how she wanted it. “I went through it about seven times before I got it right but now I’ve got it and it’s amazing. ”

The perfect apple cider recipe is “probably the newest tradition” in the Richie-Madden household but the former reality star doesn’t discard the old for the new and knows how to keep her old school traditions alive too. “We go pretty big. We do the eggnog and the hot chocolate. We do it. We do it. We do it. Ice skating. All of it.”

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