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Nicole Richie talks to ‘Chelsea’ about her past, parenting and the Pearl xChange

Written by admin on November 02 2016

Nicole Richie‘s appearance on Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show ‘Chelsea‘ is now available to stream. It’s a really funny and insightful interview. Click here to view it or search for the show manually! Also, you can check out the highlights below if you do not have access to a Netflix account.

Chelsea: Do you feel offended when people bring up your past?
Nicole: When I’m at home it’s more of a, you know, we laugh about it and we joke about it and it is kind of funny. But occasionally, someone loves to point out how dark or bad something was and how good things are right now. And I don’t really believe in that. Just as much as we have to allow time and space for amazing things to happen, we also have to allow time and space for us to go through changes and that’s part of the journey of life. If those moments are meaningful in your life and help you get to where you wanna be then they’re just as important as the good times and probably even more important.
C: When I look back at my younger self I’m like ‘God how did I do that? That was so scary, would I be able to do that now?’ Do you feel that way or do you feel tougher now than when you were younger?
N: No, I actually feel a little more sensitive. How about you?
C: What was going on with us where you think you can just do whatever the fuck you want whenever you want? And I try to hold onto it because I don’t ever want to change. I don’t want to be someone who over thinks something. But I almost feel more insecure in certain ways as I get older.
N: I’m the type of person – and I’m okay with this about myself – but I think that there are people that if you say ‘don’t swim because you will drown,’ there are kids that’ll be like ‘okay, I wont’ but then there are kids that are like ‘let me jump into this pool and wait and see what happens and for me to know ok I need to be careful.’ And I’m someone that has to try things in order to know what’s actually dangerous.

C: Do you think you’re a good mummy?
N: Yes I do. I do think that I am. I hope I am.
C: Do you doubt yourself as a mum?
N: No.. what do you mean?
C: Like I would be nervous that I don’t have enough information for my kids when they ask me so many questions, about space and shit.
N: Oh all the time!
C: Like science questions, I’d be like ‘I don’t have an answer for you.’
N: There are a lot of questions and especially when they come home with like math questions and I’m like ‘ooh…’ and when they come home like ‘I have to do homework’ and I think to myself ‘ooh I never did that’ so I’m probably not the one to [come to].

C: So tell me about your Pearl xChange. This is your second year of this conference and I know Cameron [Diaz], your sister in law, is your keynote speaker this year.
N: Yes, the first conference was last year and there six different speakers that came on with me [..] There were many different people, different walks of life and the throughline for it is that no-one can get where they are without collaborating with different people, who are different from them. I’m seeing so many young girls look at other girls that are different from them and think ‘okay that person is different from me therefore I’m intimidated therefore I don’t like that person.’ We actually need to be thinking opposite of that because it’s by surrounding yourself with people that have strengths where you have weaknesses that they add another layer to your life, that you teach them something, and that you can both evolve and grow together. And so it’s really a conference to explain how important collaboration is and how important it is to open yourself up to people that are different than you instead of feeling like it’s something we don’t understand and we hate it. We should say ‘oh that’s something I don’t understand and I would love to understand more about what that perspective is, and let me go and value myself to know that I have something to bring to the table and I’m sure that they do too. And let’s just all have fun, be friends and grow.
C: I don’t mean to say this in a negative way, I mean… you’re so eloquent and you’re so well spoken and I love this, like everything you’re saying is so true and you’ve obviously been thinking about it, it’s so thoughtful and I will bring up your past – I can’t believe you drove down the wrong side of a freeway and you came out the other side. It’s amazing.
N: Now to my defence it was a 134.

C: So who are you most inspired by? I know you and Cameron are really close and inspire each other, but who are some other people in your life that you really feel connected to that have inspired you?
N: My mother is a huge inspiration to me and also I’m so inspired by my girlfriends. I grew up here in LA, so a lot of my friends have been my friends since I was 2 and 3 years old, some I met a little later but I’m talking like 13. And we all have gone down different paths and we all do different thing and you would be surprised at how different we all are and how many times we come together and are relying on each other. And also how many people I went to school with and thought ‘Oh my God, I have nothing in common with this person. I will probably never see them again’ and then you run into them when you are an adult and see how you guys can rely on each other then. So I’m hugely inspired by my friends and people around me.
C: What do you do when you have negative feelings? There’s always a competitiveness that girls feel growing up. Even when you start to become a professional there’s still a competitiveness. How have you handled that?
N: First of all it’s so easy and natural to have that feeling of course, and I find that it’s really about focusing your energy inward and understanding the value within yourself. And if you can take that time to just love yourself and not look outward for it, then you’re gonna feel confident enough to just love the person next to you.

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