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Nicole Richie talks to Pret-a-Reporter about her summer favourites

Written by admin on June 06 2016

During the launch of House of Harlow x Revolve, Pret-a-Reporter chatted with Nicole Richie about her warm-weather style, her go-to cocktail and why she won’t be returning to her admired purple hair colour anytime soon.

Pret-a-Reporter: What’s your favorite go-to piece from the collection for summer?
Richie: I’m living in the slip dresses currently. I got my samples about three weeks ago, and I just have not taken them off. The weather is warm enough here that that’s kind of what I’ve been living in. That and the bodysuits.

How would you style each of those?
The bodysuit I would throw on with a pair of [Levi’s] 501s and sandals, and the slip dress — just as is. Just put some coconut oil in your hair in a little slicked-back bun and some sandals and call it a day.

What’s the song of the summer?
I don’t listen to current music. … Right now — it’s not a summer song — but I love “Love on the Brain,” that Rihanna song. It’s not very summery; it’s actually kind of dark. (Laughs.)

What’s your summer cocktail?
Rosé with ice.

What’s your summer hair color?
I’m trying not to color my hair all summer and just let the sun do its thing. [I’m not] doing anything with my hair, actually. I’m trying to just let it be. I have naturally curly hair, so it’ll be interesting.

Which TV show are you binge-watching this summer?
I just started watching Downton Abbey and watched one season in like a week. So I’ll probably continue on.

Where’s your summer hangout?
My house. My girls come over all the time. We hang out, sit outside, swim, hang out with my kids, listen to good music.

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