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Nicole Richie: “I’m not somebody that can wear something I’m uncomfortable in”

Written by admin on March 22 2016

Nicole Richie spoke to People at The Daily Front Row’s 2nd annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards on March 20th about her style and why she seeks comfort above anything else.

“I like to move,” Richie, 34, told PEOPLE at The Daily Front Row‘s 2nd Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards on Sunday. “You never know when Beyonce’s ‘Total’ or Destiny’s Child’s ‘Bills Bills Bills’ is going to come on. You know?” she explained. “I have to be able to move and dance and break out into the Roger Rabbit whenever necessary. So that’s the number one priority.”

Besides being able to bust out a dance move at any given time, the fashion designer revealed that staying true to yourself is the best fashion advice she has ever been given.

​”​Just to be yourself,” she explained. “It’s the easiest thing to be. I’m not somebody that can wear something I’m uncomfortable in. I have a horrible poker face. So to me it’s just something I can move around in and have fun and just kind of be myself.”

Richie, who has two children (Harlow, 8, and Sparrow, 6) with husband, Joel Madden, admitted that her hubby doesn’t have much say in what she wears … except for one exception.

​”H​e kind of stays out of it,” said Richie. ​”He has his own thing going on too, he doesn’t really get involved in what I wear. Except when I wear sweats, he doesn’t like it​!” ​

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