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Nicole Richie talks to Cosmo about women’s empowerment

Written by admin on November 20 2015

Nicole Richie was recently interviewed by Darla Murray from Cosmopolitan on her Pearl xChange event which took place on November 8th.

What I like about this seminar is that it supports the idea that you should collaborate with other people — and that it’s in your own benefit to surround yourself with even smarter people than yourself if you want to get things done.
Right. It’s not about being the same, it’s about understanding your own power and your own strength and not only have your feet planted in the ground with your strength but to have your feet planted firmly in the ground with your weaknesses and be just as confident in your weaknesses as your strength. It’s in those moments where we can think, “Okay I want to learn more and develop another layer into my life” — which we’re all capable of — “so let me go partner with this person because I have something that I can give her and something that I can learn from her.”

It’s so inspiring.
Thank you. I go to a lot of these [seminars]. Marian Williamson, she is someone who has been in angel in my life. She came into my life about two years ago and I go to her lectures whenever I can and oftentimes I walk away and there have been moments where I think to myself, I wonder if I would have been able to take in this information when I was 25. I don’t know the answer to that, but I do know there have been moments in the past ten years where I’ve said to myself, “I put myself around this successful person and something great came of it.” So I wanted to create this conference for women who are my age who are just starting to get serious about building their lives. Now I’m thirty four, I have a husband, I have kids, and I’m running a few businesses too — that’s not something I [did] alone.

You keep your kids out of the spotlight — is that deliberate? And why is that?
They haven’t asked to be. They are humans, they’re individuals, and it’s their choice. This is what I do for a living but it’s not what they do for a living. It’s very important for me that they get to live their childhood in the fullest of way.

Read the full interview here.

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