Rachel Zoe asks Nicole Richie 10 Quick Qs

On ‘Fashionably Late with Rachel Zoe,’ Derek Blasberg made lighthearted jabs at some of Nicole Richie‘s questionable ensembles from the past during a segment called #WhatWereYouThinking. You can view some of her responses below. Nicole also took part in a round with ten quick questions which you can see in the video.

Richie on a super-low-cut lilac situation she wore back in the day: “I was thinking skin is in and purple is the color of royalty.”

Richie on wearing a pink Von Dutch trucker hat: “Because truckers don’t give a f**k and neither do I!” [picture]

Richie on loving Mariah Carey’s over-the-top style: “If I were Mimi and I had all those octaves in my voice, I’d be like ‘I don’t think so!'”

Richie on the kind of old lady she hopes to become: “I’m going to treat everyone like an animal, I’m going to be racist. And I’m going to lie all the time.”

Rachel also did some Would You Rather questions with Nicole.

Would you rather have a nude picture of yourself released, or your Google search history released? “Oh nude pictures for sure. Never my Google history. Oh my God.”

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