Nicole Richie joins campaign to help bring an end to institutionalised racism #IAMTHEMANY

ACT/ART have launched a poster campaign to help bring an end to institutionalised racism, which Nicole Richie has become a part of. The organisation is non-profit and believes in the power of art to inspire positive change. Help the cause by voicing your support and telling your story; create your own poster over at IAMTHEMANY.COM and read what Nicole had to say below.


I am empowered by being in control of who I am. I don’t let others define me. There was a time when that wasn’t true but as I grew up I was able to choose my own path. I love what I do, I love my family and I feel empowered by that. I think the greatest path to empowerment is to express yourself as a unique individual. There is no other “you” in the world.

My friends ACT/ART have launched an inspiring poster campaign to bring an end to institutionalized racism. Make some noise and tell your story IAMTHEMANY.COM ‪#‎IAMTHEMANY‬

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