One more day until the premiere of #CandidlyNicole

Tomorrow is the day we’ve all been waiting for! Candidly Nicole will be returning to VH1 at 11/10c to bless you souls. But first, why not take a look at a preview of tomorrow’s première which features Nicole Richie and her friends Katherine Power and Jamie Schneider. Click here to take a look and read a lil synopsis of what’s to come below.

Nicole Richie needs to grow some balls! In a sneak peek for the season premiere of Candidly Nicole, Nicole and her friends are chatting about how you can avoid your friends without the guilt, the texts, and the drama. how you can best blow off friends. “Most people can’t really say how they really feel,” is Nicole’s motto so she’s working on her own “box of avoidance” to best deal with these social anxiety issues.

Find out on what happens on the season premiere of Candidly Nicole, Wednesday at 11/10c.

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