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E! Online interview Nicole Richie: She reveals if she wants more kids and her love for science

Written by admin on July 21 2015

Nicole Richie met up with Marc Malkin from E! Online recently for an interview which has finally been published. You can read it below:

Nicole Richie is talking babies and A Simple Life!

The House of Harlow fashion icon stopped by E! the other day to talk about the new season of her VH1 series Candidly Nicole and I’m happy to say that she was quite, well, candid.
We chatted about a lot of things and I have plenty to share. For now, let’s start with fan questions from Twitter.

@LovelyMara: Have you reached all that you’ve wanted in life? What are your next goals?
Nicole Richie: I haven’t reached all of them. I’m 33 about to be 34. I’m excited for my 40s and 50s. Right now, work wise, I’m just focusing on building the brand, growing the brand.

@SarahStevenX: You and Joel are the perfect couple. Are you planning on any more kids?
NR: I am not planning on any more, but you never know. I don’t wanna say I don’t want them and then they come and I feel bad.

@MohammedGiver: What do you love most about your life?
NR: My family.

@Starry808: What is your absolute favorite outfit to wear?
NR: It actually is House of Harlow and this is not a plug, but I like to feel like I’m not wearing anything and I like things to just be easy and comfortable. I feel naked next to you.

@BobbysByline: If you had a present day Simple Life, who would you want to team up with?”
NR: I don’t know that I could think of doing it again and with anybody else. It was fun to do in my 20s. I was 20 or 21 when I started it and it was like the best time ever.

While we’d love to see a Simple Life reunion with Paris Hilton, we do have Candidly Nicole coming back for its second season (premiering July 29 on VH1).

The mock reality show features Richie and her co-workers and besties in hilarious situations that explore various themes, including love, friendship, business and gay rights.

“I have brought up ideas [for the show] that have gotten shut down many times,” Richie admitted. “You know how they have safe trucks outside of certain clubs…When I threw a birthday party for my 15 year-old sister [Sofia Richie], I wanted one of those outside of her party. I got a hard no and a ‘Don’t ask me again.'”

She’s still hoping to land Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey host Neil deGrasse Tyson on Candidly Nicole.

“I love science and I would like to find some humorous way to step into that world,” Richie said. “But we’re still working on that.”

I suggest she try developing a spaceship à la Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic.

“It would be very clean because that’s what I care about—sanitizer,” Richie said of her dream spaceship. “There’d be some facial masks and hydrating oils for your hair and for your skin, so you’re nice and refreshed. Gotta keep it clean…You want to look good when you get off this spaceship.”


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