Nicole Richie’s haircolourist Lorri Goddard talks about her new blonde hue: “It’s Edie Sedgwick goes to the beach”

PEOPLE! caught up with Nicole Richie‘s haircolourist, Lorri Goddard, to discuss Nicole’s recent transition into a more natural hair colour.


Richie trusted Lorri Goddard (the mane master behind Kim Kardashian West’s foray into platinum territory) to create her bleached look.

“She is a fashion icon, and it seems she was ready for a change,” Goddard tells PEOPLE, adding that the inspiration behind Richie’s new look is, “Edie Sedgwick goes to the beach.”

Richie’s “surf punk platinum” (the name the Goddard has given the shade) took two salon sessions and was created using highlights and Brazilian Bond Builder to keep the star’s strands shiny and healthy.

“We did a few test strands to see which process would pull the pink out best,” Goddard explains. “We established that highlighting was the most effective method to gently pull the pink out. I integrate Brazilian Bond Builder into the color as it keeps the hair strong and helps maintain elasticity in the strands.”

So is her hue really high maintenance? Not really. According to Goddard: “Anyone going surf punk platinum has wiggle room for upkeep because a bit of depth running through helps touch up sessions stay at a minimum. This a take on platinum.”

You probably also noticed that Richie updated her cut. Stylist Gregory Russell gave her an “impeccable Edie Sedgwick-inspired shape.”

Says Goddard: “A fresh modern cut is key in order to pull to pull of this Surf punk platinum.”

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