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The #1 fashion item Nicole Richie hates

Written by admin on June 30 2015

Nicole Richie was at The Grove today (June 29th) still setting up her House of Harlow pop-up shop. Whilst there, she was interviewed by Meghan Blalock for WhoWhatWear and Allison McNamara for PopSugar. Allison will be revealing many things including the interview later this week (I will keep you posted)! However, the WhoWhatWear interview is up already. Take a look below:

megbeebee: The most badass girl in the loveliest store. So nice to finally meet the one and only @nicolerichie! #hohxgrove #popup

Here is what Nicole Richie revealed to WhoWhatWear about the #1 clothing item she hates. Click here for more.

For someone as sartorially daring as Nicole Richie, you might think that nothing is truly off-limits—but apparently, even the bravest among us have things they just straight-up don’t like wearing.

We got the chance to sit down with Richie at her soon-to-open House of Harlow 1960 pop-up shop at Los Angeles shopping mecca The Grove, and when we asked her what her go-to long-day uniform is, she surprised us with what she definitely would never wear on an ultra-busy day.

“I do not wear jeans, because I know I’m going to hate it by the end of the day,” Richie candidly revealed. “So I just think, ‘Okay what can I be comfortable wearing all day?’ So this dress was perfect for me [shown below], because I was like, ‘Okay I’m going to be hot; I need to be able to move.'” We asked her to clarify: Does this mean she’s not a fan of jeans at all?

“I don’t think I am! And I’ve tried to be, because I’m like, what else am I going to do?! But no. I do not like them,” she admitted. “Jean shorts are a little bit better, but jeans no—I can’t have something binding me all damn day. Not comfortable!”

allisonmcnamara: Hung out with @nicolerichie at her @houseofharlow1960 pop up shop @thegrovela today! Stay tuned to see our choreographed intro, scat singing and her feelings on Joel in a thong. Andddd – shop her #HOH1960 pop up July 3 – July 16, and stay tuned for my interview out later this week! #Nicolerichie #candidlynicole

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  1. yaara says:

    want to know where can i get the yellow dress Nicole is wearing

  2. Toni says:

    The dress will be part of the new House of Harlow 1960 collection, available for $225.

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