Britney Spears wanted Nicole Richie for music video

In a recent interview with Good Morning Britain, which aired on June 12th, Britney Spears revealed that she wanted Nicole Richie to be in her music video for “Pretty Girls.” Read below to see what she said, or check out the clip from the interview itself. Nicole Richie is a massive Britney fan and she was pulled on stage for one of her concerts in early 2014.

“I actually wanted Nicole Richie to be in it and I was like, ‘We could do something really funny, I know her really well, she’s a really, really sweet girl and we can be like valley girls’ and all of this kind of stuff. But what happened was we got the song from Iggy’s producers and it fit my voice so well and then we just ended up doing it and it worked out and then I got the idea of the valley girl thing and it was really cool.”

Would you like to see Britney Spears and Nicole Richie team up for a music video?

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