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Nicole Richie on how to navigate vintage stores

Written by admin on March 20 2015

Nicole Richie spoke to Vogue Australia about how to navigate vintage stores. You can read more about Nicole in the April issue of Vogue on sale Monday March 23rd.

It all started off with an obsession. “I started House of Harlow 1960 because I’m obsessed with the late 60s and early 70s,” says Nicole Richie of her penchant for the retro. “I gravitated towards the music and once I started diving into the classic rock music of that time, I looked at the fashion and people were using fashion as a form of self-expression. They were really just dressing exactly how they felt and I think the music really forced you to get in touch with exactly who you are.”

An understanding of the era informs her fashion and style, which has ranged from high-necked gowns to fringed shawls or crop tops. She’s a formidable collector of vintage jewellery, which she stores in labelled boxes. “Head to Resurrection [in Los Angeles], they have great vintage jewellery.” Right now, her latest obsession are collar necklaces – she last bought a vintage Chanel necklace – and clip-on earrings. “I wear them over my piercings so they stay, because I’m too paranoid that they’ll fall off!”

She also takes styling cues from the era. “You could mix whatever you wanted like different textiles and fabrics – it was so fun.” She takes this approach when it comes to shopping for vintage. “I just like to walk around and see, and clothes are able to speak to you,” she says – she doesn’t go in specifically seeking something out. “I like browsing and feeling what I’m pulled towards.” And don’t cross anything off your list – never say never. “Over time your eye changes and your perspective changes so I could say I’m completely closed off to something one year and be totally down for it the next year, depending on where I am in life.”

And her final tip? Get everything tailored. “I’m 5’1”!” she reminds us with a laugh.

Nicole Richie will be in Sydney for the Golden Slipper racing carnival in association with the Australian Turf Club. Read more about her in the April issue of Vogue on sale Monday March 23.


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