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Nicole Richie’s Twitter Q&A on @AOLOriginals

Written by admin on March 13 2015

Nicole Richie did a mini Q&A over on the @AOLOriginals Twitter account. Thanks for chatting to us, Nicole. See you next time! Here are all of the questions and answers:

@__cruelladevil: What was your favorite episode so far? #AskNicole
Nicole Richie: my favorite episode currently was breaking a World Record with @iamrashidajones, which is out now! #plugplug #AskNicole

@DearAstrid_: do you know few words in french? #AskNicole
Nicole Richie: Oui. #AskNicole

@n_kar: Were there any crazy show ideas that were TOO crazy to shoot for #Candidlynicole? #asknicole
Nicole Richie: The creativity actually comes from Twitter and things I come up with based on what my followers want to explore…so, no. #AskNicole

@HuffPostStyle: .@aoloriginals Hey Nicole! What’s your most prized possession in your closet? #AskNicole
Nicole Richie: I’ve been collecting vintage sunglasses for about 15 years so I would say they’re the most prized to me. #AskNicole

@MelindaLynd: What’s the weirdest prank call u ever made & who was it to @nicolerichie @AOLOriginals #AskNicole
Nicole Richie: I had my friend, who’s a man, call my dad at 4 am on April Fools Day and tell him that I got arrested. #AskNicole

@HuffPostEnt: What’s your go-to karaoke song? #AskNicole
Nicole Richie: Forgot About Dre. #AskNicole

@NRNGermany: #AskNicole What’s your favourite Madden Brothers song?
Nicole Richie: California Rain #AskNicole

@KacieJamieson: Does Lionel still have his bees you gifted him? #AskNicole
Nicole Richie: Yes! We’re expecting our first round of honey very soon. #AskNicole

@xoJudy89: #askNicole You should start conquering the European market! Any plans on visiting us soon?
Nicole Richie: Only so I can say, “call me on my European cell.”

@HuffPostEnt: Hi Nicole! What show would you love to make a cameo on? #AskNicole
Nicole Richie: @EmpireFOX! Because I belong there, obviously. #AskNicole

@cambio: Hey @nicolerichie, which reality show would you like to guest appear on? And why? #CandidlyNicole #AskNicole
Nicole Richie: Well #BarelyFamous is my new favorite show, but Mob Wives seems like more of an organic fit. #AskNicole

@iheartnicoleus: #AskNicole Are you Romy or Michele?
Nicole Richie: I’m actually Toby. #AskNicole

@RiseOnAOL: Nicole, you’re so open to adventure and new experience on your show. What inspires you to take risks and try new things? #AskNicole
Nicole Richie: Trying new things is the key to growth and evolution. #AskNicole

@NandiBandi: will the show be returning to VH1? #AskNicole #CandidlyNicole
Nicole Richie:This summer! #AskNicole

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