Selected Candid Outfits 2014: Part 2

On January 2nd, I made a post featuring some of the outfits Nicole Richie wore at appearance in 2014. Here is the same but for the 2014 candid photos, which shows a range of Nicole’s style. Hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to click read more below to see all 8 photos if you can’t already. Click here for part one.


July 7th – Leaving the ABC Studio after filming LIVE with Kelly and Michael
July 7th – At the MTV studios in Times Square


July 8th – Leaving a hotel
July 15th – At Coffee Bean


July 15th – Leaving a dinner engagement at AOC
August 13th – Nicole and Harlow taking their dog Iro to a dog class


September 24th – Spotted at a parking lot
August 4th – Shopping with Harlow and Sparrow


October 15th – Arriving back at Los Angeles International Airport
November 14th – Out with Joel


November 16th – Leaving the Four Seasons Hotel
December 19th – Arriving at Curve boutique for the launch of HOH 1960 Home Fragrance

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