Style Influencer of the Year: Nicole Richie

Women’s Wear Daily put together an interview article to celebrate Footwear News naming Nicole Richie Style Influencer of the Year. Here is part of the article. Read the full thing by Kristen Henning here.

Richie is constantly evolving her appearance. “My style changes all the time — that’s the fun part,” she said. “There are so many things I was closed off to in my early 20s that I’m open to now. Fashion really is an art.”

It’s no surprise, then, that she takes inspiration from musicians like her famous father, Lionel Richie. She cited Anita Pallenberg, Keith Richards, David Bowie, Bianca Jagger and Goldie Hawn as favorites, as well as others. “I admire anyone who goes full force with who they are. Beyoncé and I don’t have a similar style at all, but she takes fashion risks,” Richie said. “Rihanna looks incredible every time I see her. She goes 100 percent with [her choices].”

The designer also turns to music to help spark new ideas for her collection. “I get together with [my teams] from every category, and we meet at my house and listen to music. It really gets me into that creative space,” she explained.

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