Nicole Richie is Too Small for Black Friday

InStyle asked various celebrities including Nicole Richie what their best shopping strategies are. Here is what Nicole had to say:

Black Friday marks the beginning of holiday shopping, but it’s the one event Nicole Richie won’t take part in. “I want to, but my husband won’t let me,” the pint-size star tells InStyle. “He says it’s too dangerous—I’m 5’1″.”

Even though Richie will have to sit this one out, she’s determined to hit the bustlin’ shops for a taste of that frenetic mob-like energy. Some might find it stressful, but for Richie, it’s more fun than anything else (she calls it her “own little tradition”).

“I don’t really shop during the year, so I like shopping during the holidays,” she explains. “I like going to Barneys, listening to the music, and being in the energy. It’s kind of cool to be all around the chaos.”

So it comes as no surprise that the Candidly Nicole star’s holiday shopping game plan is much like herself—candid. “I’m not somebody who starts in August,” she reveals. “I haven’t even started now.” If only we could all share that mindset!

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