Instagram: 11 cents can feed 1 person

Here are Nicole’s latest Instagram posts, which include a photo of a Feed Projects meal set-up in which Nicole, Joel Madden and more of their close friends attended in order to raise meals! Feed Projects create good products that help FEED the world. Their Instagram regrammed Nicole’s photo and said:

#Regram from @nicolerichie. Shared a meal with the big hearts and bright lights of LA last night and raised nearly 20,000 meals. Thanks to lovely hosts Nico Mizrahi, @sweetbabyjamie & @brynmooser. cc: @camerondiaz @itserinfoster @samantharonson @benjaminmadden @joelmadden — 11 cents can feed 1 person. #FEEDsupper

11 cents can feed 1 person. #FEEDsupper

It’s Friday boo

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