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VH1 Q&A With Nicole Richie

Written by admin on July 15 2014

@Robyn_Macy: What would be the theme song for your life?
Nicole: Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer.

@brigimolnar: What’s the best way to seduce your man after long years of being together?
Nicole: a gun.

@nicRichieGreece: ur fav restaurant in LA?
Nicole: Matsuhisa.

@jakeftharmony: How does it feel going from a webshow to actual tv?
Nicole: Feels exciting, empowering, and a bit moist.

@matthewlos: Who’s your favourite designer?
Nicole: I like to mix high end with vintage. I don’t focus on the designer, I focus on if it’s going to help me express myself.

@JordanDragi: What’s your fav movie? #CandidlyNicole
Nicole: The Neverending Story

@JEREMYDOLCE: When are you going to drop a mixtape? We all know you can rap.
Nicole: You never know, my beats are en fuego.

@HeidiLothringer: Would you have a rap battle with Lionel? PS I love you you’re perfect
Nicole: L-Train’s got nothing on me.

@bigmamawalton: When will we see more of your dance projects???
Nicole: I dance all the time. At home, in the shower; you’re just not invited.

@r_o_w_a_n_: What’s your fave emoji?
Nicole: bombemoji

@MelindaLynd: If you could go back in history, who would you like to meet?
Nicole: Carl Sagan.

@KelsStockill: What’s your advice for a fashion career?
Nicole: Never stop learning, always be open to advice, and always challenge your own eye.

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