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“One Last Thing” with PEOPLE

Written by admin on June 23 2014

Nicole recently spoke to PEOPLE online about “one last thing.”

Last person I kissed
[My husband] Joel and my kids Harlow, 6, and Sparrow, 4. It was in a big Madden family group hug this morning.

Last obsession
Turtles! We got two for Sparrow’s birthday. He loves Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and that turned into a love of real turtles. But now he has moved on, and I am stuck with them. I even joined a turtle forum and read about other people’s turtle drama. My turtles are surprisingly fast.

Last show I watched
I just started watching 24. I know I’m a little behind. I like to stay about eight years behind any TV show so I know what to expect. I am binge-watching it, and now every day I feel like people are out to get me.

Last time I watched the sunrise
I am up before the sun every morning. I like a good hour by myself while everyone is still sleeping. I go out in the garden, relax and have some hot water with lemon. Just take some quiet time before I start my day.

CTV News adds the following quotes:

“I just started growing our own garden. I’m home a lot and we’re growing our own fruits and vegetables. There’s so many things in food right now and it’s important for people to know and be educated on whatever they’re putting into their body.”

“I love wearing my little vintage peasant dresses, but I garden in the morning and I’m really cold in the morning. I end up with a North Face (jacket), my husband’s baseball cap, colourful sweatpants that I slept in the night before, and leopard slippers.”

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