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Are the Richie-Madden’s moving to Australia?

Written by admin on November 27 2011

Joel Madden is set to be a judge on an Australian version of “The Voice”, a talent show, which will air on Channel Nine around April. With auditions happening in February, the Richie-Madden’s may be moving to Sydney, Australia so Joel can film the show. Joel says that Nicole “wants to come to every show” as she’s a big fan of The Voice!

The domesticated rocker from Good Charlotte is preparing to move his young family, including daughter Harlow and son Sparrow, to Sydney for the hit-to-happen production next year.

While he comes with his own music credentials, Madden said it was his wife’s obsession with the US series that forced him to sign on for the Australian franchise.

“I’m the music guy but she was a bigger fan than I was out of the gate. I started watching but she was just so intense and wants to come to every show,” he said.

“We’re bringing the whole family so there’s a lot of logistics to work out. We want it to be an experience and can’t wait to live here.”

Asking for advice on accommodation and pre-schools, the tattooed twin is expected to team with brother and bandmate Benji, likely to be a mentor on The Voice.

Click here to see a video of Joel talking about his upcoming appearance on The Voice, and his plans to move his family to Sydney.


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